YouTube is excited about pause screen ads — and they're coming for your TV first

YouTube is excited about pause screen ads — and they're coming for your TV first

Get ready to see more ads. YoutubeEven when you pause.

YouTube is experimenting with smart TVs that show ads when you pause playback, and according to Google, it's seeing positive results from the experiment.

“In Q1, we saw tremendous traction from the pilot introduction of ad blocking on connected TV, a new non-intrusive ad format that appears when users pause their organic content,” Google's Philip Schindler told Alphabet. said on its latest earnings call (via Android Authority).

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As the exec is happy with advertiser demand from the experience, YouTube viewers may be ready for a wider rollout of the first smart TV-based ad pause.

If YouTube blocks ads, it will be in line with other streaming platforms like Hulu, Max and Peacock. Already done. Leaving no stone unturned, they capitalize on viewers' ultimate need to pause for a bathroom or snack break, often for something like Coke (“the pause that refreshes”) or Charmaine's toilet paper. With a wonky ad for

YouTube has become more aggressive about creating ads, advertising. Not leaving and on YouTube TV crack down On free account holders using ad blockers. just like that “Account of Suffering“The approach used by the airlines, could have the effect of forcing viewers to sign up for their premium ad-free tier that costs $13.99 a month.

That said, if you're pausing to get up for a bathroom break or to answer the door, pause ads are the least invasive for this group. Ultimately, the days of ad-free streaming are long gone, so we can expect that. 30 billion dollars The company is just trying to make a little more.

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