Yelp launches new AI assistant for finding the right pros. Here's how to access it.

Yelp launches new AI assistant for finding the right pros. Here's how to access it.

Yelp is packing its platform with more AI features, including an AI assistant and “AI-stitched videos.”

On Tuesday, the OG crowd reviews site announced Yelp Assistant and TikTok-style videos that provide a breakdown of what people are saying about specific businesses like restaurants.

These tools add to Yelp's growing collection of creative AI features, e.g AI-powered summaries for restaurants and attractions, which launched in January. Large language models (LLMs) are known for their ability to analyze and summarize large amounts of data, making them ideal for parsing the plethora of reviews on Yelp business pages.

“AI enables us to transform the way people discover and connect with local businesses,” said Craig Saldanha, Yelp's chief product officer.

Yelp's AI assistant uses conversations to help users “find the right professionals in categories like home, local, auto, beauty, pet, real estate, professional, event planning, financial services.” has taken a step forward in discovering and connecting with local businesses by offering an experience, and more,” according to the announcement.

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The Yelp Assistant will walk you through your problem and even connect you with relevant professionals.
Credit: Yelp

How does Yelp Assistant work?

When you start a chat with a Yelp Assistant, it follows up to understand your project or issue, provide relevant businesses, and even draft and submit a detailed request to those businesses on your behalf. You will ask questions, including inquiries about pricing and availability.

Based on the demo, Yelp Assistant says it searches for “sponsored local occupations,” so if it only shows businesses that are paying for placement, it might not be as useful. Because it doesn't display organic search results. Mashable has reached out to Yelp for clarification and will update this story accordingly.

Yelp Assistant with text about finding sponsored occupations highlighted in blue

Yelp Assistant can only display sponsored businesses.
Credit: Yelp

Yelp Assistant can be found in the “Projects” tab. It's available now on iOS and will roll out on Android later this summer.

Yelp also teased a tool that provides video summaries of businesses in a style familiar to users of TikTok and Reels. Yelp will soon begin testing videos that use AI to gather insights from videos, photos, and AI voiceover sharing information and user reviews.

Based on the demo, the result, with its friendly music and fade transitions, is advertising native with limited budget vibes. But for such a text-heavy site, it can be a welcome change for the visually inclined.

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