X's new video app is coming to your smart TV

X's new video app is coming to your smart TV

It seems like every app now wants you to watch videos.

xFirst, Twitter is launching a dedicated video app, bringing “real-time, engaging content to your smart TV,” according to CEO Linda Yaccarino, who announced it at X on Tuesday.

According to Yaccarino, the new app will feature trending video algorithms and AI-driven topics, and will be available on both smartphones and smart TVs.

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“It will be your companion for a high-quality, immersive entertainment experience on the big screen,” he wrote.

The CEO added that the app is still being developed and asked X users to share their thoughts.

Last month, Yaccarino Announcement X's intention to be a “video-first platform”. Almost all social networks are moving towards the same field, clearly taking inspiration from the reigning video platforms, especially TikTok. LinkedIn is. Currently testing TikTok-like video feeds.while meta-products Continue to embrace TikTok's vertical video format. Meanwhile, YouTube, the de facto leader in video content, still Has a significant audience.. And it looks like other apps want to join in.

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