Writ Raises Seed Round

Writ Raises Seed Round

Rut, a startup revolutionizing data-driven decision-making for companies, has announced the successful close of its Series A seed funding round, raising $3.8 million. The round was led by Gradient Ventures, with significant participation from Defy.vc, High Alpha, Tuba Capital, and several prominent angels.

Founded by Adam Weinstein (CEO) and Jason McGhee (CTO), who previously headed Cursor, a data catalog solution that was acquired by DataRobot in 2019, Writ specializes in the data and engineering domain. Experience brings. Weinstein's tenure as vice president of product management at DataRobot, along with McGhee's expertise in building the company's deep learning offerings, underscores Writ's commitment to innovation in the data analytics space.

“We're on a mission to improve how organizations leverage data for informed decision-making. By harnessing the power of AI, we aim to streamline data workflows, foster collaboration and reduce the complexities associated with data analysis. has to end,” Weinstein remarked.

With a strong focus on product development in collaboration with industry leaders and design partners, Writ aims to provide an innovative solution designed to meet the evolving needs of data-driven enterprises. The company is currently onboarding key partners and plans to launch a beta program later this year.

McGhee emphasized the imperative for data teams to increase communication and decision-making agility in a fiercely competitive landscape. Traditional reporting tools fail to meet the demands of modern data professionals, prompting Writ to reimagine the data analytics experience, incorporating modern design principles and AI-driven insights. Is.

Darren Shirazi, General Partner at Gradient, highlighted the need for solutions that enable companies to derive actionable insights from complex data sets. Ritt's platform addresses this challenge by empowering teams to effectively navigate disparate data sources and gain real-time insights that are critical to business growth.

Bob Rosen, general partner at defy.vc, highlighted the transformative potential of Rut in enabling organizations to unlock the full value of their data assets. By facilitating seamless collaboration and facilitating data-driven decision-making at all levels, Writ is poised to drive meaningful results for businesses across all industries.

In an era characterized by increasing volumes of data and increased competition, Writ has emerged as a beacon of innovation, a comprehensive solution to empower organizations with actionable intelligence and drive continuous growth. Presents

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