Wing Commander III Changed Windows Forever – PC Perspective

Wing Commander III Changed Windows Forever – PC Perspective

Fix a bug, keep your game

There was a glorious time in the past, where Microsoft did their beta testing internally rather than forcing their paying customers to do it for them. Back in the day, a Microsoft manager came up with a very bright idea. They went to a store, as physical stores sold games back then, and bought a copy of every piece of software they had. The software team members were then presented, two pieces each, with the challenge of determining whether it ran correctly on Windows 95 or submitting a bug report if it did not. . If you've done well, you get to keep the software and can ask for more.

A lucky tech was handed Wing Commander III, and sure enough they found a bug when running in Windows 95. The cloaking device in the game worked perfectly if run from DOS, but the device could not be activated when run from within Win95. The problem was that the cloak was enabled when you hit CTRL+C, a gesture we're all very familiar with now. The bug was fixed, and Tech got to keep his copy of Wing Commander III.

You can read more about the hero who ensured one of the best games of the 90s at The Register.

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