Will Lestat return on 'Interview with the Vampire'?

Will Lestat return on 'Interview with the Vampire'?

Lestat de Lioncourt is up! in a sense.

In the first episode of season 2, titled “What the Nations May Say,” Sam Reed reprises his role to torment Lestat's treacherous children. But not quite as you might expect. He is not flesh and blood – although he is bleeding profusely. I Interview with the Vampire: Part IIAs the second season's opening title card calls it, Lestat's return to Lois begins as a hallucination.

How did we get here? For those who need a refresher: At the end of Season 1 of AMC A bold adaptation of Interview with the Vampire, Lestat is ambushed by his vampire family, Louis de Pointe du Lac (Jacob Anderson) and Claudia (Bailey Bass), then left for dead in a New Orleans swamp. When human journalist Daniel Molloy (Eric Boghossian) interviews Louis decades later – with Claudia's diaries in hand – he calls out to Louis that he knows full well that the attack will not kill the vampire Lestat.

Could this be true? Will the real Lestat join forces with Louis and Claudia as they search for a coven who is cuter than Brett Prince?

Let's dig in.

How does Lestat come back? Interview with a Vampire?

Sam Reed and Jacob Anderson return as Lestat and Lois in “Interview with the Vampire: Part II”.
Credit: Larry Harkes/AMC

In “What Can the Damned Really Say” Lestat rises from his shallow grave as a bad dream, a guilty conscience, or a hallucination. Pick your poison.

Guided by old-world legends, Louis and Claudia (now played by Delaney Hales) leave behind the comforts of New Orleans during World War I and are left behind for the war-torn mess of Europe. Of the dead soldiers, Lestat returns to Louis for camping essentials – a vision with a slashed throat and a smile.

“Bonjour, mon amour,” says Lestat, “do you miss me? I miss you—despite our recent unpleasantness.” What a nice, casual way to point out your lover is plotting to kill you, then fleeing the country! At this point it has been “four years of hard travel” and Lois is mad with grief. Or as he puts it, “You're not here, I'm just messing around in the head.”

Lestat taunts her with a playful joke that a live bat crawls out of her cut throat and flies off into the night. But maybe the victim will not accept the apology. “You ruined it with remorse,” Lestat scolded Louis, “you gave me the death of distinction.”

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Now, even if this Lestat is just Lois's guilty conscience, this line suggests that Lois believes that Lestat is really dead. But then Lestat announced, “But in answer to your question: Yes. I will kill you.”

Lois argues in response. If Lestat was alive, he had already tracked them down and killed them by now. Again, it's been four years. At this Lestat says with a wicked smile, “Oh love, I'm just waiting until you're happy. So hurry up, mon cher!”

Later, a vision of Lestat lovingly slits Lois's neck, as Lois reflects in pain reflected in the voice-over: “I had taken 7,000 lives by then. But Lestat was the one who felt like murder.” ”

What does it mean that Lestat is back?

Delaney Hales and Jacob Anderson arrive in Paris as Claudia and Louis. "Interview with the Vampire: Part II."

Delaney Hales and Jacob Anderson arrive in Paris as Claudia and Louis in “Interview with the Vampire: Part II.”
Credit: Larry Harkes/AMC

Well, for one thing, it means showrunner Rollin Jones knows what his audience wants.

In Season 1, Anderson and Reed's passion was so hot that it threatened to burn viewers in their fear and longing. It wasn't just that Jones featured explicit sex scenes between the two where Rice didn't. It was also that the chemistry between these actors was explosive, and the toxic romance between Louis and Lestat was as chaotic as it was compelling.

This first chapter is alive with twists and turns, including revenants, Romanian superstitions, and an ancient vampire undead chooses to walk out of the fire for a new lease on life. But amid the unrelenting muck and gray of this gruesome chapter, Jones cleverly injects a bit of tried-and-true (and entertaining) venom, as only Lestat can deliver.

While Louis tries to keep these delusions to himself, his regrets—and lingering love for Lestat—widen a gulf between him and Claudia. He asks her when they can go home, and in doing so refuses to see that New Orleans isn't her home. Home is what she's looking for when she digs up another vampire. Her diaries reflect her anger, and Lois weeps as she remembers more clearly who she was – even if it means how she came to hate him.

In a flashback to their time in Romania, Claudia scolds Louis, saying, “I forgave you for foiling my plan. I didn't forgave you for bringing me in.” It With you.” Louis says that sure, he didn’t set Lestat on fire the way Claudia wanted – but their evil father is in a landfill a continent away. Here,” she replies, patting Louis' chest.” You take him here.” It's a sin Louis can't deny, a fate he can't escape.

Later, as the two see more deaths hanging over them like an anchor, Louis offers Claudia a pep talk, giving her hope. “As long as you walk the earth, I will never taste fire,” he declares, promising never to leave her. “You understand? We're going to find others like us.” Violin music plays in the background, upbeat and hopeful. “If you were the last vampire on earth,” he says softly, “that would be enough.”

In the shot, he looks dead into Claudia's mournful eyes. But then the camera pans to the right, revealing Lest, throat still slit, eyes sharp, pouty lips in a slight smile. So, who is Louis really talking to? “Me and you. You and me.” He repeats it over and over, perhaps willing himself to believe that she means him and Claudia. Perhaps he says this to remove Lestat's memory. But as the tormented family arrives in Paris at the end of the episode, readers of the book know that Lestat's true return is drawing closer.

How to watch: Interview with the Vampire: Part II Airs Sundays on AMC and AMC+.

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