Which Graphics Option is Best for Your Custom PC?

Which Graphics Option is Best for Your Custom PC?

When it comes to building a custom computer, choosing the right graphics processor is an important decision. When it comes to graphics processors, you have two main options: integrated graphics and dedicated graphics processors. The decision mainly depends on your intended use for your computer.

Integrated graphics

Integrated graphics refers to adding graphics processing hardware directly to the main CPU. Some examples of integrated graphics are Intel Iris and AMD Ryzen with Radeon graphics. With AMD processors, the CPU and GPU are combined on a single die, called an “accelerated processing unit” or APU.

Integrated graphics have gained popularity in laptops because they enable manufacturers to build smaller machines without the added bulk of a separate graphics chip. In addition, they use less power, allowing users to extend their battery life.

One drawback is that they lack the same level of power as dedicated GPUs commonly found in gaming desktop PCs and laptops. If you are an avid player of modern 3D games, you may find the performance of the integrated chip unbearable. However, it is worth noting that integrated chips have shown continuous improvement over the years. If you only use your computer for basic tasks, integrated graphics will be sufficient.

Dedicated graphics

A dedicated graphics chip is a graphics processor that works independently of the CPU. Typically, on a desktop machine, this can be found on the PCI-X card. Usually, it is permanently attached to the laptop's motherboard. The primary benefit of dedicated graphics is their exceptional performance, whether for gaming, modeling, or video editing purposes.

External GPUs have become increasingly popular in recent years and provide a middle ground between the two options. The GPU is contained within a box that establishes a connection with the computer and requires an electrical power source. Some enclosures have the ability to accommodate desktop graphics cards, just like a hard drive enclosure can accommodate regular hard drives. This feature provides the convenience of using a laptop while still having access to a dedicated GPU for better performance when needed.


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