Whatever You Do, Don't Put Your Amazon Echo Speaker Here

Whatever You Do, Don't Put Your Amazon Echo Speaker Here

If you have one. Amazon Echo Speaker in one of the locations listed below, consider moving it ASAP. There are a few places in your home where you might regret having your Alexa. Smart speaker And Smart display. Not only could you. Damaging your echobut you can also take something serious. Privacy Risks.

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You may know that it's not safe to place your Alexa device near water, but did you know that intruders can access your Smart home device From the outside if it is placed too close to a window?

Keep reading to find out where you should avoid placing them. Echo devices, and the best places for them to go instead. (For more Amazon Echo tips, check out Which Alexa settings should you change ASAP? And Five useful eco features.)

1. Keep Alexa away from your toilet

Placing an Echo near your toilet is quite simple. Think of all the germs that live around that area — even in the cleanest bathroom. If you must Place an echo device in your bathroom (and we can see the appeal), try to keep it as far away from the toilet as possible.

if you can, Mount it on the wall. with a sticky strip or nail. Just make sure it's secure so it doesn't fall over, and remember to keep it near an outlet so you can plug it in. Also, keep it away from the bathtub. You don't want to fry your Echo… or anything.

A bathtub and shower in the tiled bathroom A bathtub and shower in the tiled bathroom

Don't even think about putting your Echo near the bathtub.

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2. Avoid placing Alexa near the sink.

If you're trying to ditch Alexa's voice, by all means, put your expensive Echo next to the sink. If you want to keep it, never put it near water.

You don't want to risk your kitchen water sprinkler malfunctioning and soaking your Eco device, or a tall appliance getting stuck in the sink. Instead, place it on a different counter like the kitchen island, or place it in a corner where it's away from splashes of spaghetti sauce and water spray. It will stay clean and may even look better.

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3. Don't put Alexa on your windows.

Keep your Echo away from all windows in your home. This location can potentially give anyone outside access to your Echo, and it can provide access to your other smart home devices. For example, if your car is connected to your smart speaker, one might be able to. Open and launch it.

Echo Dot on the table near the window Echo Dot on the table near the window

If your echo is near a window, move it.

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4. Alexa shouldn't go under your TV.

How many ads are out there that say, “Alexa, play…” and Activate your echo.? Or if the TV says anything that sounds too much like “Alexa,” guess what's going to be activated.

Not only does it interrupt the show you're watching, it also starts recording what's said after the command. So if you're having a private conversation and Alexa starts up, you're Putting your privacy at risk. Placing it on a side table makes more sense and the voice assistant is more likely to stay silent until you give a command.

5. Never place your Echo in front of a space heater

You should never expose your Amazon Echo to any heat sources, Amazon says. This includes space heaters, heater vents, radiators and stoves. Doing so could potentially cause a fire, or damage your Echo device.

Instead, make sure it's positioned well away from the direction the heater is pointing to avoid potential disaster. For example, if you have a space heater in your office, place the Echo on your desk and away from the heater.

so where should Do you own your Amazon Echo?

  • In your corner living room (away from the windows)
  • A place where it is easily visible to you, so you can see when the light comes on
  • On You Bed side table
  • On your side Kitchen counterfar from your sink
  • On a shelf or shelf
  • Mounted on a wall that does not face a window.

You can also read our story. Four great uses for your Amazon Echo device in every room of your home To help you decide where to place your Echo.

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