What will OpenAI announce Monday? Quite possibly an AI voice assistant.

What will OpenAI announce Monday? Quite possibly an AI voice assistant.

OpenAI's big announcement on Monday could be a voice assistant reportedly in development.

According to the informationOpenAI is working on a technology that rolls audio, text and image recognition into a product that will, say, tutor kids with their math homework, or “learn people about their environment.” will provide information about,” such as translating or helping with car trouble.

On Friday, OpenAI shared that it will hold one Live stream this coming Monday (Specifically, the day before Google I/O, Google's developer conference). While one is expected to be announced initially. Chat GPT Search Engineor the unveiling of GPT-5, CEO Sam Altman shot down the rumors and posted on X, “We're hard at work on some new stuff that we think people will love!” Those new things could be voice assistants.

Mashable has reached out to OpenAI for comment, and will update this story if we hear back.

OpenAI launched last September. Sound and picture capabilities., claiming that “ChatGPT can now see, hear and speak.” (Side note: ChatGPT technically can't what None of these things, because it's not a living thing, but it can process images and audio in real time, mimicking human senses.)

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In the announcement, OpenAI demo-ed ChatGPT's ability to solve problems with a bicycle seat, and, with the help of synthetic voices, converse with a user casually instead of providing text responses. The outlet reported that the new model will bring these modes together.

The information noted that the voice assistant is currently too large to run on personal devices, but the cloud-based service could be deployed to customer service agents and recognize when a customer is being treated sarcastically. Is.

However, the moment this technology gets into the hands of consumers is when its transformative potential will become clear.

Speaking of which, OpenAI is reportedly in talks with Apple Integrating ChatGPT with iOS 18which the public can expect to hear more about at Apple's developer conference. WWDC in June. At the same time, Apple is planning a major overhaul of its voice assistant Siri. The New York Times.

If that wasn't enough, Google is expected to announce Gemini updates at its developer conference, Google I/O, on Tuesday. Google is also reportedly in talks with Apple about this. Bringing Gemini to iPhone. So despite OpenAI's close relationship with Microsoft, the news of a closer relationship with Apple — although Apple is also reportedly in talks with Google — points to the possibility that creative AI will interact with uneasy alliances. Helping to build connected super institutions.

But whatever happens. Google I/O And Apple WWDC, it follows Monday's mysterious announcement of OpenAI.

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