Western Digital Previews 4 TB SD Card: World's Highest-Capacity

Western Digital Previews 4 TB SD Card: World's Highest-Capacity

Western Digital is reviewing the industry's first 4TB SD card this week. The device is being presented to broadcasters and content creators at the NAB trade show and will be commercially released in 2025.

Western Digital's SanDisk Extreme Pro SDUC 4 TB SD card complies with the Secure Digital Ultra Capacity Standard (SDUC, which enables up to 128TB). The card uses the Ultra High Speed-I (UHS-I) interface and is rated for speed Class 10, so when operating in UHS104 (SDR104) speeds of at least 10 MB/s and up to Supports high data transfer rate up to 104 MB/s. ) mode (there is a catch about performance, but more on that later). WD's SD card is also rated to meet Video Speed ​​Class V30, which supports a minimum sequential write speed of 30 MB/s, which is considered good enough for 8K video recording. goes, above and beyond the 4K video market that Western Digital primarily targets. Card coming up.

For now, Western Digital isn't disclosing what NAND is in the Sandisk Extreme Pro SDUC 4 TB SD card. Given the high capacity and relatively distant 2025 release date, WD could target this as one of its first products to use its upcoming BiCS 9 NAND.

And despite not being listed in WD's official press release, we'd be surprised if the upcoming card didn't also support an off-spec DDR200/DDR208 mode, which allows for higher transfer rates than the UHS-I standard typically does. Allows through double data rate. Signaling Western Digital's current-generation SanDisk Extreme Pro SDXC 1 TB SD card already supports this mode, allowing read speeds of up to 170 MB/s, so the company is adding it to new products. It will be amazing to see it dropped. That said, the catch with DDR208 remains the same as always: it's a proprietary mod that requires a compatible host to use.

Western Digital hasn't revealed how much its SanDisk Extreme Pro SDUC 4 TB SD card will cost. A 1 TB SanDisk Extreme Pro card costs $140so one can estimate the cost of a 4 TB SD card that uses modern NAND.

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