Important facts on Virus and malware

Important facts on Virus and malware

Malware detection

Important facts on virus and malware.Digital devices are always under constant threat by malware that can render them inactive. So, what is a malware? Well, this is a program designed to attack digital devices like tablets, computers or smartphones. The term malware is derived from the words “malicious” and “software”. The word malware is used to describe different types of programs that attack devices.

Types of malware

Once a malware enters a device, it affects the
device in different ways. If a malware infection is not detected early and the
necessary steps not taken to stop further infection, it could render the device
useless. The various types of malware affect your device in different ways.
Below is an overview of how different malware work.


  • Viruses

A virus is a piece of code that has the
ability to spread through normal computer programs. Viruses wreak havoc by
copying itself on the code of another program. It then corrupts the normal
program and forces it to produce copies of the malicious program and send it to
other normal programs. A virus attack affects all applications in your device
which may cause your data to be wiped out.


  • Worms

A worm is a solo piece if malicious software
which has the ability to reproduce itself and spread through computer networks.
Unlike viruses which rely on other programs to wreak havoc, worms are
self-sufficient. Worms reproduce themselves numerous times hence their ability
to spread through computer networks.


  • Trojan Horse

A trojan is a program that cannot activate or
reproduce itself. For that reason, it poses as a program that would be
beneficial. Once you fall for the trick and activate the program, it spreads
throughout the device and causes damage to normal programs.


  • Spyware

Spyware is a software program that installs
itself in your device with the aim of stealing your information. It works by
saving the information that you key in such as: passwords and usernames. Some
spyware programs are highly advanced that they can activate your webcam and listen
to your private conversations.

How to avoid malware and viruses

Detecting a malware attack can prove to be
difficult especially if it is highly advanced. Therefore, you should consider
adopting measures that ensure no form of malware attacks your device. To avoid
being a victim of malware attacks, here are the measures to take.


  • Install anti-virus programs

Prevention is cheaper that the cure, its wise to install a good program to protect you and your important files.


anti virus
anti virus

There are numerous anti-virus programs that you can use to secure your device. Anti-virus programs help to detect and block any malware or virus that tries to attack your device.

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  • Avoid opening random files

Most malware is usually attached on data you
receive on your device. Avoid clicking on any attachment that you are not sure
about its source.


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