V-Color Launches Manta XFinity DDR5-8600 OC Memory

V-Color Launches Manta XFinity DDR5-8600 OC Memory

V-Color has revealed that their Manta Xfinity memory will now be compatible with the Intel XMP 3.0 profile, enabling speeds of up to 8600 MT/s. This compatibility has been confirmed with two ASRock motherboards.

The Manta Xfinity memory boasts the XMP profile, which provides a transfer speed of 8600 MT/s and a timing of 40-54-54-132-186 at 1.45 volts. This configuration has been validated for use with ASRock's Phantom Gaming Z790I Lightning WIFI and PHANTOM GAMING B760I Lightning WIFI motherboards, which are part of their newly introduced Mini-ITX lineup.

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V-Color states that the 8600 MT/s speed is compatible with Intel's 14th Gen Core CPUs, although there is no information on compatibility with the 13th and 12th Gen Core series. It is important to highlight that this type of memory supports up to two modules with a maximum capacity of 24 GB. Currently, this speed is not offered with the 32 or 64GB modules.

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The company has unveiled its DDR5 memory, which is compatible with Core i5-14600K and Core i9-14900K processors, both of which are supported by ASRock motherboards. V-Color reports that the new kit will hit the market by mid-June. This raises the question of whether Intel will introduce its Core Ultra 200 series based on Arrow Lake by then.

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