Unreal Engine 5.4 Out Now, Offering Improvements to 60fps Performance, Shader Compilation

Unreal Engine 5.4 Out Now, Offering Improvements to 60fps Performance, Shader Compilation

Unreal Engine 5 Current-generation development has the option to go faster, and now, the latest version of Epic's software is here. We have one Unreal Engine Flavor 5.4 State of the Unreal last month during the GDC 2024 showcase, but now the software is in the hands of developers.

From a player's perspective, the most interesting thing about Unreal Engine 5.4 is Epic's promises of better performance. If there's one area in which UE5 falls short, it's performance, with many games built on an engine that struggles on current-gen consoles and wallet-busting to run well on PC. Veins are needed. Unreal Engine 5.4 aims to make 60fps experiences more achievable on existing hardware. Epic also appears to have made improvements to shader completion, hopefully eliminating the frustrating hiccups that have plagued some UE titles in recent years.

“With many developers targeting 60Hz experiences, we've made significant efforts to improve rendering performance in UE 5.4. This includes refactoring systems to enable maximum parallelism; , as well as the addition of GPU instance to hardware ray tracing, which now also benefits from additional primitive types and an improved path tracer. Shader compilation has been further optimized, resulting in significant project bake times It has improved.”

Of course, many new features have been developed to increase visual fidelity, including Nanite adding “adaptive tessellation” that can create incredibly fine details and ground covers without using excessive amounts of processing power. , and “contrasting volumes” create very realistic and dynamic smoke and clouds. Epic's in-engine temporal super-resolution upscaling has also been improved, giving developers more options to easily plug their AI and machine learning tools into UE5. You can get a Full list of all changes here.

For those who missed it, produced by Amy Henning. 1943: Rise of Hydra Getting early access to the latest UE5 tools, and recently showing what 5.4 is capable of…

What has been your experience with Unreal Engine 5 games so far? Will the engine start living up to its potential with the 5.4 release?

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