UK's Zing Secures £1.25M Investment to Drive US Expansion as Twilio Partner

UK's Zing Secures £1.25M Investment to Drive US Expansion as Twilio Partner

UK headquarters rustA leading consulting partner of Twilio has secured an additional £1.25 million in funding from existing shareholders Maven Capital Partners, known for investments in companies such as Sensoteq and Pockit.

The fresh capital infusion will fuel Zing's strategic expansion into the US market, enabling the establishment of a dedicated operating entity and the execution of its comprehensive go-to-market strategy. Zing aims to leverage Twilio's cutting-edge AI capabilities to enhance customer experiences and operational efficiencies for businesses across the US.

Zing has seen substantial organic growth in the US in recent years, driven by increasing demand from organizations looking to harness rapid advances in generative and conversational AI technologies.

Zing has supported over 100 organizations worldwide, including Age UK, Car Finance 24/7, The Norwegian Refugee Council, and Oxfam. The company's mission is to establish itself as the premier Twilio consulting partner globally.

“Organizations are increasingly looking to leverage the latest technology to enhance customer experience (CX) and operational efficiencies, particularly within their contact centers,” emphasized Julian Hucker, CEO of Zing. Twilio Flex The CustomerAI technology is transformative, reducing agent workloads and streamlining workflows such as AI-powered postwork automated summarization, and real-time customer sentiment analysis.

Tom Purkis, partner at Maven Capital Partners, expressed his optimism, “Following our initial investment in the spinout, Zing is now committed to enabling organizations around the world to get the most out of the latest cloud communications technology. The growth in demand for its expertise in the US indicates how important it is as a communications software partner to the company's success together with Julian Looking forward to working to expand as it grows globally.”

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