Ubisoft Selects Intel As CPU Launch Partner For Star Wars Outlaws: 14th Gen Optimizations For Snowdrop Engine & Game Bundle

Ubisoft Selects Intel As CPU Launch Partner For Star Wars Outlaws: 14th Gen Optimizations For Snowdrop Engine & Game Bundle

Ubisoft has. announced that it has selected Intel as the exclusive CPU launch partner for Star Wars Outlaws, offering 14th Gen optimizations and more. The two vendors also announced a partnership that includes game bundle promos with select 14th generation CPUs and laptops.

Intel's 14th Gen CPUs Receive Special Optimizations for Star Wars Outlaws Powered by Snowdrop Engine, Game Bundle Also Announced

The partnership is not limited to game bundles but also extends to performance optimizations for Intel's 14th generation CPUs. Intel has reportedly worked with Ubisoft to ensure that its latest 14th Gen chips such as the Raptor Lake-S & Raptor Lake-HX series offer the best experience when playing Star Wars Outlaws. . It was announced just a few hours ago. Star Wars Outlaws will hit shelves on August 30th and is currently available for pre-order.

“This is a tremendous partnership for Intel, able to combine the power and performance of our latest Intel Core 14th Gen processors with the gaming excellence that Massive Entertainment is known for. Star Wars for PC gamers around the world.” One of the most popular cultural touchstones and combined with the world-class gaming performance and robust platform features of our latest Intel® Core™ HX-Series mobile processors and S-Series desktop processors (14th Gen) , we look forward to having the best possible Intel-powered experience with Star Wars Outlaws.

Roger Chandler, Intel Vice President and General Manager of Intel's Passionate PC and Workstation Segment

Intel offered both software and hardware support to the Massive Entertainment team bringing gamers the first open-world Star Wars experience. The optimizations improve CPU scheduling on Intel's 14th Gen hybrid chips and also improve workload scheduling to unlock the full performance headroom available on the latest processors.

The current range of Intel chips are based on two different core architectures, a P-Core which is performance optimized, and an E-Core which is efficiency optimized. Each core has its own advantages but if the task is set to the wrong core type, it can lead to poor performance. Intel is also working to enable better utilization of its E-Cores. APO (Application Performance Optimizer) which currently supports around 15 games.. Processor optimizations for the Star Wars Outlaws and Snowdrop engines will be outside of APO tuning.

In addition to the optimization, Intel will also bundle its 14th Gen Raptor Lake-S desktop CPUs with a free copy of Star Wars Outlaws while 14th Gen Raptor Lake from partners like Dell Alienware, Lenovo Legion, HP Omen, Acer Predator, -HX laptop. ASUS ROG, MSI and Razer will also be eligible for a free copy of the game. The promo will run from April 9 to July 31 and copies of the game will be available for download until September 15, 2024. You can redeem your copy of the game here..

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