Twitch's Enhanced Broadcasting Now Available In OBS, NVIDIA GeForce 900 & Above GPU Support

Twitch's Enhanced Broadcasting Now Available In OBS, NVIDIA GeForce 900 & Above GPU Support

Twitch Enhanced Broadcasting, a feature designed to enhance encoding, is now available with the latest OBS 30.2 RC1 version, which supports a wider range of NVIDIA GPUs.

Enhanced Broadcasting allows streamers to leverage the power of transcoding and extensive NVIDIA GPU support, ensuring the best experience for every viewer.

Twitch Enhanced Broadcasting was a feature NVIDIA introduced at CES 2024 for its GeForce platform, in collaboration with popular streaming platform OBS.

This is a means for streamers to ensure that their viewers get the best quality possible depending on their network connection and hardware capabilities. NVIDIA's announcement saw a lot of buzz among streamers as their audiences will now have a more engaging experience that will be critical to the community's success.

Enhanced Broadcasting provides streamers with two key capabilities. First, it will create multiple encodings of your stream using the dedicated encoder resources in your GPU. Having multiple encodes allows video encoding at multiple resolutions on your streaming device.

Thanks to dedicated encoders on NVIDIA GeForce RTX GPUs, this will result in high-quality streams and low latency for all resolutions without affecting your streaming experience. Second, this capability will provide an automatic configuration option for OBS that will optimize your settings based on your computer's processing power and your upload bandwidth.

Dan Clancy, Twitch CEO

Enhanced Broadcasting creates multiple versions of your stream, all with different resolutions, using your GPU's dedicated encoder resources. Depending on their internet quality, viewers will get the best stream. For those familiar with the streaming process, you may have heard of the term “transcoding” and that's exactly what's happening with Twitch's Enhanced Broadcasting. Using NVIDIA's NVENC, the onboard GPU lowers the bitrate and resolution with each stream version.

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Another interesting thing about Better Broadcast is that it allows streamers to get more streaming setting credits in the server-side algorithm, eliminating the need for a “trial and error” process. This makes it possible for anyone, even those with no technical knowledge, to get into the streaming process.

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The latest OBS 30.2 RC1 release now brings improved streaming to NVIDIA's GeForce 900 series or later GPUs, further strengthening the adoption of this feature. Right now, Enhanced Broadcasting is still in its beta stages, and given that it's built in collaboration with NVIDIA, Team Green's GPUs are being prioritized for now. We hope that this feature becomes accessible to everyone, and it is very likely that it will.

News Source: Jacob Freeman

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