TRYX Unveils New PANORAMA AIO Cooler, ROTA Fans, and LUCA Chassis

TRYX Unveils New PANORAMA AIO Cooler, ROTA Fans, and LUCA Chassis

On March 28, 2024, in Shanghai, cutting-edge tech brand TRYX launched an array of innovative products at an event revolving around the theme of “New Genres.” Unlike traditional tech launches, TRYX captivated attendees with an exciting exploration of “Future Archeology,” which unravels the mysteries of technological evolution and ushers in a new era of PC components, headlined by PANORAMA has AIO cooler, ROTA fan, and LUCA chassis.

At this transformative event, TRYX demonstrated its commitment to technology by showcasing products that redefine the boundaries of innovation. Among the standout releases was the PANORAMA liquid cooler, the world's first L-shaped screen, developed in collaboration with Asetek's cooling solution experts. This partnership has allowed TRYX to integrate exclusive 8th generation water pump solutions from Asetek, signaling the brand's rise to the top of the tech industry.

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Nelson Chi, vice president of TRYX, shared insight into PANORAMA's features, including its 6.5-inch AMOLED L-shaped screen that offers a 3D (anamorphic) visual experience without the need for special glasses. Complemented by custom KANALI software, the device offers users unparalleled customization options, from split-screen functionality to built-in screen recording, fostering an environment where users' creativity and innovation are unleashed. An obstacle may develop.

The launch event was further distinguished by the presence of Asetek's COO, John Hamill, and Jamie Jamison, VP of Global Sales, who discussed the collaborative journey with TRYX. Their participation underscored the strategic importance of this alliance and their belief in TRYX's vision and products. This marks Asetek's first appearance at a partner brand launch, highlighting the significant expectations and commitment to this collaboration.

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Emphasizing TRYX's strategic market positioning, Nielsen said the brand aims for Tier-1 status, based on a culture of innovation. TRYX's global team of experienced professionals leverages a robust R&D and manufacturing system to deliver customized and tailored offerings in addition to world-class supply chain partners. This approach not only fosters more imaginative designs and specialized tooling, but also ensures TRYX's continued competitive edge and distinct identity in the global market.

Looking ahead, TRYX is set to release the LUCA chassis, which offers a luxurious look with extensive use of fully anodized aluminum, 4mm tempered glass, and SGCC steel, with its uniquely engineered base. Through offers an elevated (floating) aesthetic. The modularity of the chassis also meets the specific needs of PC DIY enthusiasts and creators, enhancing the PC building experience with high quality and versatility.

TRYX is gearing up for its Q3 product launch on Amazon and other platforms in North America, which coincides with its participation in June Taipei Computex, full of more in-depth product reviews and exciting brand development expectations. indicating the year.

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