TOMORROW X TOGETHER VR concert coming to the U.S. this fall

TOMORROW X TOGETHER VR concert coming to the U.S. this fall

If you missed the American leg. Tomorrow X Together's current world tourHere is some news that may help ease the pain. Mashable can exclusively reveal that K-pop The boy group will debut a virtual reality concert this fall, allowing you to get closer to the idols than you ever could in real life. High Touch Ticket.

Produced by VR Concert Company Amiz VR In partnership with BIGHIT and HYBE 360, Hyperfocus: Tomorrow's X Together VR Concert The tour kicks off in August and will visit five US cities over the course of three months. The set list will feature TOMORROW X TOGETHER's most popular songs, including their most recent single “Deja Vu” 2023 as well “Sugar Rush Ride.”

“Each piece was performed live to ensure the audio was as dynamic as a live show,” AmazeVR CEO Steve Lee told Mashable.

Although Lee didn't want to give too much away about the concert, he did reveal that the show will feature some personal interactions with the five members of TOMORROW X TOGETHER, Sobin, Yunjin, Byumgyo, Taehyun, and Heuningkai.

“As a spoiler, the members prepared handwritten messages to their fans, MOA, in the final encore segment,” Lee said. “Be sure to see them in the theater!”

This isn't the first time AmazeVR has brought a K-pop group into virtual reality. Last year the company developed Espa's VR Concert LYNK-POP: The First VR ConcertA 20-minute show featuring five songs by the girl group. Tomorrow's X Together VR concert will double that runtime, with attendees spending about 40 minutes in AmazeVR. MetaQuest 3 Headset (Although the full experience will take about an hour).

Lee teased him Hyperfocus: Tomorrow's X Together VR Concert They will include moments “never before seen in (AmazeVR's) VR concerts.” The event will also take advantage of the VR format to offer experiences that are not possible at physical concerts. For example, attendees will be able to control the camera to select their preferred view of Tomorrow X Together's performance.

“It's like a supercharged fancam, making it feel like the artist is performing right in front of you,” Lee said. “We're giving fans the power to decide who they want to see up close and personal.”

Tomorrow X Together's VR Concert Tour Schedule

AmazeVR's Total X Together Tour will visit five US cities, starting on August 8th and running through November 10th. Each session will have a capacity of approximately 200 participants, with nine screenings per day.

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Hyperfocus: Tomorrow's X Together VR Concert The tour dates are as follows:

  • Los Angeles: August 8-21

  • Orange County: August 22 – September 1

  • Houston: September 5 – September 22

  • Chicago: September 26 – October 13

  • New York: October 17 to November 10

Tickets for TOMORROW X TOGETHER's VR Tour go on sale July 17. www.txt-vrconcert.com.

Poster for Hyperfocus: Tomorrow's X Together VR Concert.

Credits: Courtesy of AmazeVR

To create Hyperfocus : Tomorrow's X Together VR Concert

“Working with TOMORROW X TOGETHER was an absolute joy,” Lee told Mashable.

Production on Hyperfocus : Tomorrow's X Together VR Concert Began in late February, AmazeVR, BIGHIT, and HYBE 360 teamed up to decide which songs would be included and the themes for each stage. Lee stated that BIGHIT and HYBE were looking to expand their promotion of the K-pop group, and AmazeVR seemed like a “perfect fit”.

“After finalizing the setlist and creative framework for the concert together, AmazeVR filled in the direction details,” Lee said. “Both BIGHIT and HYBE 360 provided full support for the perfect VR show production, including choosing costumes suitable for VR filming and adjusting choreography to achieve the best performance in VR.”

AmazeVR also optimized camera movements for virtual reality, adding close-up moments and avoiding fast movements that could risk audience vertigo. Once the tracks and concepts were decided upon, and the choreography and camera movements planned, the recording process went quickly.

“Although we expected the shooting to last longer due to the extensive footage required, the members executed each performance so well that we finished four hours ahead of schedule,” Lee said. said, noting that Kal was also making his preparations together. Tour the world Act: Promise On time. “Despite having some of the most challenging choreography of any of the artists we've filmed, they absolutely nailed the shoot.”

AmazeVR filmed the TOMORROW X TOGETHER performance on a green screen in 8K resolution, before using it to upscale. Artificial intelligence. AI was also used to automate the show's lighting and special effects, as well as program camera animation. The concert was shot using a Techno Dolly, an automated telescopic camera crane, which allowed EmazVR to pre-program smooth motion to reduce the risk of motion sickness.

“AI has been instrumental in composing images of all the members every microsecond so that we can place them in the digital background,” Lee said. “Previously, this was all done manually, but we've built our own AI tools to handle it and have reduced the time to create our VR concerts by 80 percent compared to our predecessors.”

also known as Compositing, Compositing involves removing the green screen background and combining multiple visual elements into one video. In this case, live-action footage of Tomorrow X Together was combined with 3D images rendered by Amaze VR. Unreal enginebased system.

“Since the camera and TechnoDolly are physical devices, they cannot be 100 percent perfect, which causes small errors,” Lee said. “These imperfections create challenges when compositing live-action footage with 3D rendered environments. Our AI module calculates the correct camera movement and applies this information during compositing to ensure seamless integration.” does.”

In addition to working with TOMORROW X TOGETHER and EspaAmazeVR has previously produced VR concerts for artists. Megan was the stallion, t pain, and Zara Larson. Said performances are now available in the AmazeVR Concerts app for $12.99 each, allowing anyone with a compatible VR headset to re-watch the shows as many times as their heart desires.

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