Tinashe's 'Nasty' goes viral just in time for summer

Tinashe's 'Nasty' goes viral just in time for summer

On his recent single “Nasty,” Tinashe earnestly asks, “Does anybody match my crazy?”

And now this wise question has become a meme. We can explain.

Tinashe released the track in April as the lead single for her upcoming album. BB/Ang3l Pt. 2 – Quantum Baby. But these tunes were caught first. X/TwitterMay's early attention, thanks to the dance moves of a strange white boy.

An X user Reposted A short clip of a dancer, Nate — who posts under the handle on TikTok. @nates.vibes – impressively bucking her hips, biting her finger, and sticking out her tongue. His tricks contrast with his quirky appearance, making him irresistible meme fodder. In the original video, Posted on TikTok back in February 2023, He is dancing to Hey Choppi's “Bind”, but the Viral X version replaces the audio with “Nasty”. The video earned more than 10 million views. Thoughts on X

As a result of the video's reach, users began voicing their thoughts on the song's driving question.

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A user wrote, “'Does anyone match my crazy?' may be the existential question of our time.” Another posted a photo. Carrie Bradshaw writing Title given“And I couldn't help but wonder… is anyone going to match my crazy?”

The question quickly gave rise to an engagement meme. One user asked, “Who are the 2 people who actually resemble each other?” Range from quote tweets includeDonkeys and Dragons to Lena Dunham and Andrew Rannells Pen 15Maya and ego.

As is the case with these things, the song became associated with another internet phenomenon, Challengers Mania is the perfect song to use in edits by the lovely dirty Patrick Zweig (Josh O'Connor). The song now graces many soundtracks. Challengers Amendments.

When Universal Music Group pulled its catalog from TikTok — It has since been restored – There was a drought of viral songs. At times, it felt like all we had was Dejo. “The end of the beginning.”

But now the drought has come to an end due to rain from the sky. Just in the last month, There isn't one, but Three Songs Which went from run-of-the-mill hits to meme moments.

We are far behind.

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