Thrones of Decay, More Hammer, More War – PC Perspective

Thrones of Decay, More Hammer, More War – PC Perspective

Malakai Mikaison likes big bangs and drinking buddies.

Malakai Makaisan is the second lord of the throne, an assassin who owns his own airship and has a passion for firearms and artillery. He also comes with two drinking buddies, Felix and Gotrek, in his army, they don't need to build a fancy pub and hope they show up. This makes your starting army more powerful, even without heavy artillery and sulfur gyrocopters. He also has an airship, The Spirit of Grungni, which can be summoned during battle to ease excruciating pain.

The Spirit of Grungni has its own building tree and population, used as Count Noctilus' ship in the Vampire Coast DLC. It provides unique troops and special advantages to its army. If you want Slayer Pirates, Goblin Hewers, Thunderbarges or recruit a Daemon Slayer you will need to upgrade the ship.

Malakai is sometimes bored, and likes a little adventure from time to time. Malakai's adventures consist of completing several objectives, such as fighting specific races or choosing random events. Completing objectives gives you bonuses and brings you closer to the final stage, which is a custom battle that you need to win. The rewards are worth it, and each adventure offers something different to ensure your dominance.

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