This Fanciest of Robot Vacuums Brings the Era of 100% Corner-to-Edge Cleaning – No More Hidden Dirt!

This Fanciest of Robot Vacuums Brings the Era of 100% Corner-to-Edge Cleaning – No More Hidden Dirt!

It's that time of year! Summer is just around the corner, and like every year, Rubrock is here to make life more enjoyable and less chaotic with its automatic vacuum cleaners. Time to get outside, have fun, and worry less about the mess left behind. Roborock has just introduced its latest Roborock S8 MaxV Ultra, which was initially unveiled at this year's CES, where it received a lot of accolades.

So far, the name Roborock has been synonymous with cutting-edge tech and advanced technology. Things go a step further with the S8 MaxV Ultra.As the company has dived deep into corner-to-edge cleaning, making sure nothing is left dirty after your RoboVick has passed through the floor.

Meet the Roborock S8 MaxV Ultra – the Roborock that gives you 100% corner coverage with FlexiArm design and a special extra mop for corners and edges.

Integrating robotic arm mechanics, the Roborock S8 MaxV Ultra can reach areas overlooked by square-shaped vacuums that claim to achieve precise corner cleaning. The S8 Max V Ultra has unique features. FlexiArm design Side brush that automatically increases when corners are detected by the LDS navigation system. This expandable side brush system is TUV certified to cover 100% of corners, with an inner corner distance of 0mm, ensuring that the Robovac leaves no mess behind.

This design mimics an extendable robotic arm system rather than opting for a square shape because square-shaped robot vacuum cleaners have proven unreliable in following efficient cleaning paths, especially in corners.

But, of course, it's Rubrock. Things don't just end with a revolutionary new feature! The company has also added Extra Edge Mopping Systemwhich has an extra mop for edges, Enabling the S8 MaxV Ultra to be cleaned along the edges And for perfect cleaning around furniture. While most competitors were looking for a square shape for the RoboX to tackle the corner cleaning problem, they have yet to prove the efficiency because the mops don't extend out of the robot's frame to clean the corners completely. Can be covered.

Instead, the S8 MaxV Ultra has an extra mop just for that purpose. It is a self-cleaning mop made of soft material with a spinning speed of up to 185rpm for thorough cleaning in one go.

To further aid in 100% cleaning, Roborock has also introduced a new Direct Technology which enables the S8 MaxV Ultra to recognize dirt and clean accordingly. This tech can help increase suction power for heavy dust, use mop-only mode with water for stubborn stains, and pick up a brush or mop depending on the type of mess, among other features. .

More fancy specs and drainage system(!!) that makes Roborock S8 MaxV Ultra the ultimate cleaning beast of the future.

The S8 Max V Ultra also has industry-leading features. 10,000Pa extreme suction poweran all rubber DuoRoller Riser Brushes that are more effective at picking up hair, debris, dust, and dirt from hardwood to tile, and carpets and rugs. DuoRoller's anti-tangle design also avoids the messy situation of hair getting tangled in brushes during cleaning. The DuoRoller brush has a hidden scraper inside the brush cover to prevent further tangling of accumulated hair on the brush.

Roborock S8 also introduces MaxV Ultra. VibraRise® 3.0 Mopping System with Upgraded Sonic Mopping which cleans the floor 4000 times per minute and also effectively removes dried-on stains. with 20 mm mop liftingRobovac prevents any unwanted dampness on your carpets or rugs.

Roblox S8 Max V Ultra

Along with the mop, The brush is also removable.This results in a simultaneous vacuum and mop as the parts can lift up the previously cleaned areas to avoid contamination. This capability also gives you multiple cleaning options, including vacuum only, vacuum and mop to save time and energy, vacuum then mop for intensive cleaning sessions, and mop only for a quiet run. P.

More features include: Highly desirable Carpet Boost+ SystemReactive AI 2.0 obstacle detection with 3D structured light, automatic pet detection, built-in intelligent voice assistant “Hello Rocky,” the new Roborock SmartPlan app, and the coveted 8-in-1 with hot water mop washing and auto detergent. RockDock Ultra. The dispenser

Roborock has also introduced a Different types of refill and drainage The S8 Max V Ultra takes hands-free cleaning to the next level! Simply connect your Robovac to your drainage system, and your Robovac can automatically refill clean water and empty dirty water during mop washing and tank refilling, extending hands-free cleaning for weeks. can This variant is currently only available in select regions.

Roborock S8 MaxV Ultra Introductory Sale Package

Priced at $1,799.99 and carrying a 5 year warranty, the company is also offering an introductory bundle offer. The triple gift pack costs about $1,000 and includes a five-year warranty ($419), a Roborock Flexi Lite lightweight stick vacuum and mop ($399.99), and an accessory package ($182).

This promo bundle is available till now. April 28. Roborock will continue to offer a free 5-year warranty, but this is a great opportunity to get yourself a handheld stick vacuum with a self-cleaning and drying system, as well as an accessory package absolutely free. Go to the official website. Get your hands on these brilliantly designed freebies when you buy the Roborock S8 MaxV Ultra – the next generation of cleaning tech!

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