This $30 Microsoft Office Professional Plus Deal Will Expire Within Days

This $30 Microsoft Office Professional Plus Deal Will Expire Within Days

It's impossible to walk into an office or educational facility these days without seeing Microsoft software in use. Microsoft Office is the go-to tool for millions of people and businesses, but it's also an expensive piece of software. There are subscription options, but you might not want to go that route for a variety of reasons. If you just want to pay once and forget about it, check out this limited-time Microsoft Office deal on StackSocial. You can pick up a lifetime Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2019 license. For only $30 For Windows or Office Home & Business 2019 for Mac, and enjoy access to apps forever. This is a great discount, but it's only going to last for the next few days so keep that in mind when planning that purchase.

There are two versions of Office. Mac users There will be a home and business suite of apps, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Teams Classic and OneNote, while Windows users There will be a Professional Plus version with additional apps like Publisher and Access. Just note that you won't find Microsoft Teams on the Windows version.

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It's not the latest version of Office, but it's worth signing up for Microsoft 365 Subscription Suite, which costs $7 a month or $70 a year for individuals, StackSocial's offering is a great deal. there is a Free online version of Microsoft Office There you can use, but it lacks many features, so it might be a better option. Apple users should note that Outlook is now available. A free app for Mac.

Some important things to note: You'll get a one-time use code for one computer, which means you won't be able to download these apps on multiple devices. This means that if you upgrade to a new computer or your current computer dies, you likely won't be able to transfer the suite. These licenses also lack some of the extra features you'd get with a 365 subscription, including OneDrive cloud storage and cloud-based AI features, including Microsoft Pilot. Additionally, these apps should work with your computer. Windows users will get support. By October 14, 2025. There's also the risk that Microsoft could terminate the license at any time, but we've been running other versions of Office from StackSocial since early 2022 and haven't had any issues yet.

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