The Snapdragon X Series Reportedly Coming On April 24th

The Snapdragon X Series Reportedly Coming On April 24th

Qualcomm seems to have suggested a launch date for its Snapdragon X series chips. They have pointed to April 24 and teased a laptop and a flagship X, possibly hinting at the release of the Elite series as well as the rumored X Plus models.

The upcoming series aims to provide a modern ARM-based CPU architecture for lightweight laptop setups. The X Elite series is rumored to boast up to 12 cores, while the X Plus variants may come with 10 cores. Both will feature graphics supporting advanced APIs such as DirectX, and the SoC will include a powerful AI processor delivering up to 45 TOPs, making it the fastest AI processor currently available.

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AMD and Intel are closing the gap, with upcoming CPU releases, some scheduled for this year, expected to include improved NPUs. The Snapdragon X series will compete with Intel's Core Ultra 200V (Lunar Lake) and AMD's Ryzen 9050 series, called Strix Point.

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Qualcomm has emphasized the superiority of the Snapdragon X series over Apple, Intel, and AMD. They claim their architecture is 51% faster at ISO power and uses 65% less power than the Core Ultra 9 185H. However, these claims await verification by independent testing, particularly using non-reference platforms.

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