The internet can't get enough of 'Challengers' and, honestly, same

The internet can't get enough of 'Challengers' and, honestly, same

Challengersthe most anticipated film of this spring, has finally hit theaters, and the film Twitter Can't keep quiet about it. It has everything you want in a movie: a steamy love triangle between incredibly good-looking people (Western storyMike Fast, La Chamra'Josh O'Connor, and The Mound's Zendaya), thrilling tennis sequences, and a stunning score by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross.

So there's a lot to react to, and there's the internet. Reaction. Here are some of the best posts about the movie so far.

Three tickets for challengers, please

Before anyone saw the film, they condemned it. “Ticket Barbie“Meme I'm riffing on love triangles Challengers. Users posted photos of other love triangles and threeplus with the caption “Three tickets to Challengers please. Everyone from fictional characters—eg Parks and RecOf April Ludgate And her gay boyfriends, and Gender and the CityCarrie BradshawAden, et al Mr. Big – From Real people Like Paul Mescale, Dizzy Edgar Jones, and Phoebe Bridgers were dragged into the meme.

Team Patrick, Team Art, or Team Tashi

In true Internet fashion, users were instantly online and super convenient. Challengers' The main love triangle on Team Patrick, Team Art, or Team Tashi. Each main character has a large supporting cast.

A member of the Patrick Hive said“Can't understand how someone saw the challengers and came out defending ART… patrick Hive let's link and make…” one user wrote, “Patrick Zeug They Can Never Make Me Hate You.” one more said“#PATRICKZWEIG They can never make me hate you.”

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Meanwhile, art supporters feel just as strongly about it. A user Announcement, “Welcome Art Donaldson to the Poke Hall of Fame.” one more announced“Save me Art Donaldson in the back hat…”

Tashi, played by the internet princess, Zendaya, obviously has its scars too. One such fan said, “Art was so real when he said who wouldn't love Tashi.” one more wrote“The thing is, Tashi Duncan is the queen of the universe.”


One of the most interesting parts of the film is the pulsating score by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross. The compliments and jokes immediately began opening weekend. A user said, “Challengers in Dolby Surround Sound Will Kill Victorian Kid Scoring.” one more Set A video of Mike Fast dancing to it.

It's great to see MovieTwitter come together in celebration of a movie about three sexy people.

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