The biggest social media moments of Coachella 2024, from No Doubt's reunion to Chappell Roan's ascent

The biggest social media moments of Coachella 2024, from No Doubt's reunion to Chappell Roan's ascent

Every April, hundreds of thousands of people descend on the Coachella Valley for two weekends of music, $25 Caesar Salad, And Health complications related to dust. The rest of us experience the festival through our phones, watching it on our social media feeds from the comfort of our couches.

Coachella 2024's biggest moments range from superstar-making sets to technical difficulties and broken bones, and they all get credit on our list.

The chapel goes up.

If you were plugged into the pop music scene before April 12th, you probably know about Chapel Rowan. Growing popularity. If you weren't, Rowan's performance at Coachella made it hard to ignore. Posts of her performance on the first weekend and her life-size butterfly dress on the second boosted her streaming numbers and her latest single “Good Luck, Baby!” To no. 77 on the Billboard 100, Its first entry on the chart.

Couple with Lana Del Rey Bully

In her first weekend set, Lana Del Rey sang her classics, brought in Billie Eilish to sing “Video Games” and “Ocean Eyes” and finished her set by riding on the back of a motorcycle. On stage, Eilish told the crowd that Del Rey “is the reason half of you bitches exist, including me”. Interview magazine. Fans hailed the set as one of Del Rey's best and resented critics who found it underwhelming.

Kesha & Renee Rap Remix “Tik Tok” (Song)

Singer Renee Rapp brought Kesha onstage during her set to sing her 2010 hit “Tick Tock.” They changed “waking up in the morning feeling like P. Diddy” to “waking up in the morning feeling like P. Diddy” as a tribute to the producer. Alleged abuse.

Grimes is disappointed with the first weekend flubs.

A clip of Grimes Wild, unrestrained screaming Got over 4 million views on TikTok on stage at Coachella. Mostly grime Scream during performance But those in her Coachella set were left disappointed after a technical glitch marred a large portion of her performance. Grimes took to X to explain himself, promising a better experience for concertgoers on weekend two.

No Doubt reunites, bringing in Olivia Rodrigo as a special guest.

For the first time in 10 years, No Doubt reunited to perform for the Coachella crowd. To mark the occasion, Gwen Stefani welcomed Olivia Rodrigo to the stage to sing “Bathwater.” Rodrigo wore an “I Heart ND” tank, an expression of his love for the band and its frontwoman, which he has Collected as an inspiration in the past.

Credit: John Shearer/Getty Images Undoubtedly

Duja Bili made history.

Doja Cat became the first female rapper to headline Coachella and opened her first set dressed in head-to-toe blonde hair extensions. The other weekend, a clip of her looking around to hand the microphone to a dancer while performing “Fuck the Girls” garnered millions of views on X and TikTok.

Duja Billy is in a long blonde wig surrounded by dancers covered in extensions of the same color.

Credit: Fraser Harrison/Getty Images for Coachella

Taylor Swift parties with Travis Kelce

Taylor Swift attended Coachella's first weekend with boyfriend Travis Kelce ahead of the release of her double album. The Tortured Poets Department: The AnthologyOn April 19. She was seen watching her bandmate Jack Antonoff's set with her band Bleachers, taking photos with them. Real Housewives' Teresa Giudice, being carried on the air by Callis, and generally having a great time.

Kid Cuddy broke his foot.

On the final day of Coachella, during a set that was added to the schedule less than a week in advance, rapper Kid Cudi was unable to continue his show after he jumped off the stage in a desperate manner and hit the ground. It turns out that he broke his foot in the fall. In a video posted on X, Cuddy said, “I learned a valuable lesson, not to over jump (or) jump off the steps.”

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