The Arctic Cooling Freezer 36 ARGB CPU Cooler Review: Budget Cooling Done Well

The Arctic Cooling Freezer 36 ARGB CPU Cooler Review: Budget Cooling Done Well

As modern high-performance CPUs generate more heat, the demand for powerful air coolers capable of handling these thermal challenges has increased significantly. Conventional stock air coolers, while adequate for regular use, are typically designed to be inexpensive and relatively compact, further improving desktop noise control and peak cooling efficiency. This difference has long led high-end users and system builders to opt for high-quality aftermarket coolers designed to better handle the heat output from high-end processors.

Known for its innovative approach to PC hardware, Arctic Cooling has stepped into this competitive market with a product that aims to provide efficient cooling at a very low retail price. The Fraser 36 A-RGB, a dual-fan tower cooler, is designed to support the cooling demands of the latest CPUs while also offering customizable RGB lighting for visual flair. This review will explore the features, performance and value of the Arctic Cooling Freezer 36 A-RGB, comparing it to other leading products on the market to see how it can deliver effective and efficient cooling for modern CPUs. How does it work?

Arctic Cooling Freezer 36 A-RGB CPU Cooler Specifications
Kind of Tower cooler
Dimensions 104 x 126 x 159 mm
fan 2 x 120mm P12 FDB Fan
2000 RPM (Maximum)
Supported sockets Intel: LGA1700, LGA1851


Warranty 6 years
Price $44 (A-RGB)
$33 (Non-RGB)

Packaging and bundles

Arctic Cooling packs the Freezer 36 A-RGB CPU cooler in a neat, white cardboard box. The box design is straightforward, featuring a detailed schematic of the cooler on the front, highlighted with colored lettering to emphasize its RGB capabilities. The back of the box provides extensive information about the features and specifications of the cooler.

The Fraser 36 A-RGB CPU Cooler's bundle is much smaller than other coolers, and this is due to both the limited socket compatibility and the simplicity of its mounting system. The cooler can be used with AMD's AM4 and AM5 sockets, as well as Intel's LGA1700 (with Arctic Cooling promising more LGA1851 when these platforms launch). Arctic provides a special contact frame for Intel's socket that reportedly reduces mechanical stress on the motherboard and improves contact with the processor. The company also provides a syringe with one of its best thermal compounds, MX-6, as well as a round sticker with the company logo.

Arctic Cooling Freezer 36 A-RGB CPU Cooler

The Arctic Cooling Freezer 36 A-RGB CPU Cooler presents itself as a seamless addition to the single-tower CPU cooler market. It is equipped with four heatpipes to conduct heat from the CPU to the fin array. This cooler stands at 159mm in height, making it suitable for a variety of system cases, including some compact options. Despite its capabilities, it maintains a lightweight profile at just 920g, which simplifies installation and reduces stress on the motherboard. The size and design ensure compatibility with adjacent components such as RAM modules. Additionally, it sports a flawless white paint finish that exudes a quality sheen.

The cooler has a unique asymmetric fin design that improves thermal performance and airflow. One side of the cooler features a partial sawtooth pattern, while the other side features a full sawtooth pattern, which aids in cooling efficiency but also reduces noise by minimizing airflow. Also helpful. An elegant aluminum plate covers the top of the cooler, providing a sleek finish. The plate is adorned with a nickel-plated company logo, adding a subtle yet premium aesthetic touch to the cooler's appearance.

The Fraser 36 A-RGB is the easiest and most straightforward way to install a fan we've seen to date. The edges of the tower are fitted with plastic pockets that are perfect for the pre-installed button screws on the two supplied fins. Users only need to press the fan slightly on the cooler and it locks into place. As such there is no way to adjust the height of the fan but the assembly is not large enough to hold any RAM modules.

The base of the Fraser 36 A-RGB is very small, creating a contact surface that is approximately 30 × 28 mm. The heatpipe comes in direct contact with the CPUs IHS, the aluminum block is only there to provide mechanical support.

The Arctic Cooling Freezer 36 A-RGB CPU cooler is equipped with two P12 PST 120mm fans, notable for their fluid dynamic bearing motors that ensure a balance of quiet operation and long-lasting performance. These are high pressure designs, with a handful of very wide blades. These fans feature impressively integrated RGB lighting, adding a dynamic visual element to the cooler. With a maximum speed of 2000 RPM and a full PWM range that allows speed adjustment from 0 to 2000 RPM, these fans offer users exceptional flexibility.

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