The 10 best dating apps for singles over 40

The 10 best dating apps for singles over 40

Deciding to get back into the dating game can be nerve-wracking, no matter the age. But if you're 40 (or older), the stakes can feel a little higher.

You can assume that people in your age bracket are either not interested in dating or are already settled into long-term relationships. However, according to a recent Pew Research Center analysis According to Census Bureau data, by 2021, nearly 25 percent of 40-somethings in the U.S. have never been married. Additionally, only 22 percent of unmarried adults ages 40 to 44 lived with a partner.

So, have people stopped looking for love in their 40s? Absolutely not. But unlike people in their 20s and 30s, they know what they want and aren't afraid to wait a little longer to find the right person. In fact, nearly one in four 40-year-olds who were unmarried in 2001 were married by age 60, according to the analysis. So, if this trend continues, there's still hope for finding a long-term partner, even if you're starting later in life.

How to Start Dating Again at 40

Now, after that speech and spew of statistics, you're probably wondering what our grand plan is to get you back on your feet and back on the dance floor. Reply? Online dating. Before you scoff, hear us out.

Online dating is a great way to meet new people in a low-pressure environment. It gives you a quick and easy way to connect with potential partners, filter through profiles, and find matches who share your interests and values. Imagine if you could do this while scanning the room at a bar or attending social events—it would save you a lot of time and effort.

But before you start swiping left and right, check yourself in. Be honest about what you're looking for in a partner and what you bring to the table, including any emotional baggage you may be carrying (which we all have to some degree).

Once you tap into your feelings, you should do the same with your dating profile. Are you interested in a serious relationshipa Casual meeting, or a friendship that could turn into something else? Whatever it is, be forward. You don't want to fall for someone only to realize they aren't looking for the same thing.

What are the best dating apps for over 40 singles?

gave Best The dating app depends on what you're looking for. But because we're data nerds, we've done a little research (and hands-on testing) to give you some options.

Match & Match has a user base of over 40 and comprehensive profiles and algorithms that match you with compatible partners based on your preferences and personality traits. Additionally, Elite Singles is a popular dating site for mature professionals looking for a serious relationship.

Tinder, Hinge, and Bumble are more popular with younger users, but it's not impossible to find success on these apps if you're over 40. To OkCupid A slightly higher number of older singles than Bumble and Hinge, and it caters to the liberal and LGBTQ+ communities, offering you the most authentic place to be yourself.

Keep reading for a more in-depth look at each of these dating apps and what they have to offer for daters over 40. Success rate in helping users find meaningful connections.

Pro tip: Based on our in-depth reviews, we recommend keeping our time clear for Zosik and over-40 singles.

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