Lewis Smith

“I am a huge fan of PC gaming and PC gamers will know how many different components are needed to maximize the graphics and gaming experience. Gamers’ computer needs are way beyond the needs of an average computer user. I wanted to build a custom computer that could fulfil my gaming requirements. On the other hand, I was not able to spend a lot of money on gaming PCs made by manufacturing companies. ”

A friend of mine recommended Woodgate Computers. I visited them and found out that they have a team that has a comprehensive knowledge of computer hardware and they understood completely what I desired in my PC. They also provided me with professional input and advice. The quote they gave me was quite reasonable, so I decided to go for it. I must say that I am not disappointed with my decision. My PC is still working perfectly after a year and many of my friends have followed my footsteps in buying a custom PC form Woodgate or have availed their up-gradation services.”

Lewis Smith Online Gamer Leicester.

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