Tesla's newsy week, and is fintech having a moment? | TechCrunch

Tesla's newsy week, and is fintech having a moment? | TechCrunch

It's been over a minute since Tesla went public, but the EV company was indispensable on TechCrunch this week. From Dismissal To Price changes And what's more, it's been a week dyed deep in Tesla colors so we had to have an updated conversation.

But that was only one element of what was achieved on the equity this week. We also dug into Mary Ann's reporting. About the latest round of ramps – and the assessment above – that fits neatly. Ahead of Rippling's upcoming fundraiser. If you are handling money, this is a good time to be a startup.

The team also excavated. in Cherubim, Who wants to connect investors and founders, Maven Ventures' Consumer investment pressureand touched. What is mercury?. All told, we were lucky to have Kristen Kurosek with us this week, given the volume, and diversity of transportation news, especially as it relates to Tesla.

Equity returns tomorrow with an exclusive interview between Mary Ann and Notable Capital's Hans Tung, so Keep watching! Until then, press play and let's have some fun.

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