Tesla Model 3 Performance is here. Here are 5 things that make it great, and 3 drawbacks.

Tesla Model 3 Performance is here. Here are 5 things that make it great, and 3 drawbacks.

Forget about funny, it's all about performance.

Months later Conjecture, Rumors And LeakThe automotive industry's worst-kept secret has become a reality: Tesla has finally launched the new Tesla Model 3 Performance.

Despite hints about the “funny” moniker, the name hasn't changed from the previous generation. But unlike the original Model 3 Performance, which was a slightly upgraded (but faster) variant of the old long-range Model 3, the new Performance model is a major upgrade. Here are the most important details about the performance of the new Tesla Model 3.

Good points

It's faster, and more powerful.

There's no two ways about it: With a 2.9-second 0-60 mph time, it's the fastest Tesla Model 3 ever. It also has a peak power of 510 hp, and a top speed of 163 mph, second only to the Model S Plaid.

It's also worth comparing the performance of the old and new Model 3. The original Tesla M3P had a 0-60 mph time of 3.1 seconds and a top speed of 162 mph, making the new model just that bit faster and faster. However, at these performance levels, every tenth of a second counts.

People will notice the difference.

The performance of the original Model 3 looked exactly like the other Model 3 versions, save for a carbon fiber rear spoiler. However, the new version should be a head-turner, with 20-inch warp wheels with larger, red brake calipers, as well as a sportier-looking front lip and rear diffuser, and (again) a carbon fiber spoiler.

As a result, the new M3P looks more aggressive and overall better than the regular variant.

Mashable Light Speed

Can't get enough of the ridiculous speed. We're pushing it to the ridiculous.
Credit: Tesla

A nice detail: Although the “Funny” and “Plaid” monikers were not used in the official names, you do get a “Funny” speed badge on the back of the car, which refers to 80s comedy movie Space balls.

Better brakes and suspension

It is massive. As the owner of a Tesla Model 3 Long Range, I can attest that the brakes and suspension feel a bit lacking at times, especially if you really step on a winding road. The Model 3 Performance should fix that with larger brake rotors, calipers and performance brake pads, as well as better springs, dampers, bushings and stabilizer bars.

Tesla M3P

“Extremely Responsive Handling.”
Credit: Tesla

As Tesla says: “An all-new adaptive damping system keeps Model 3's performance on the road, so you can confidently tackle corners at any speed with maximum control and comfort.” If you like to drive a bit more aggressively, this improvement may be the biggest reason to go for the performance variant.

New track mode

Tesla Track Mode

Here you can tune your Tesla M3P to behave the way you like it.
Credit: Tesla

Eager to test the performance of your all-new Model 3 at the track? Exclusive to this Model 3, you get a new Track Mode, which allows you to calibrate the ride balance, regenerative braking, stability assist and more. You also get a number of presets so you can quickly switch from one driving mode to another.

Sporty seats.

Tesla M3P

The drawn star lines are another reference to space balls.
Credit: Tesla

Inside, you might not notice anything new if it weren't for the new sport seats, which feature a deeper, “more engaging” driver's position. The front seats are both heated and ventilated, which should reduce sweating when you're accelerating at near-ridiculous speeds. The interior also features carbon fiber detailing, which is not available on other models.

OK, but what are the drawbacks?

It's not all great, though. If you opt for the faster Model 3 Performance, you lose out on a few fronts compared to the Model 3 Long Range.

Big difference in price

We knew the Model 3's performance would cost more than the other variants, and at $52,990, it's not too bad — $5,250 more than the long-range all-wheel-drive model, and $14,000 more than the rear-wheel-drive variant. You have to ask yourself if it's worth it, given that the performance variant of the roomier Model Y is cheaper at $51,490.

Significantly less range

Tesla Model 3 specs

Point out the differences.
Credit: Tesla

This is a big one. Because of all of its performance enhancements, especially the massive, 20-inch warp wheels, the Model 3's performance suffers greatly. According to Tesla, it has an estimated range of 296 miles. For comparison, the Long Range model has a range of 341 miles, while the significantly cheaper rear-wheel drive model has a range of 272 miles.

Low ground clearance

It's easy to miss, but it can be important to some buyers. The Model 3 Performance has 5 inches of ground clearance, compared to 5.4 inches in other models. You don't want a nasty curb scraping under your brand new Tesla, do you?

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