Teamgroup T-Force GA360 Siren Review

Teamgroup T-Force GA360 Siren Review

Today's review will cover Team Group's latest AIO. GA360 Siren. It is very similar to their unique SSD + CPU AIO, Siren Duo 360but offers a much more reasonable price of $149.99 – and “only” cools the CPU.


  • Chart-topping noise-normalized performance
  • Capable of keeping Intel's i7-13700K under TJMax under pressure conditions

Cons of

  • Slightly more expensive than competitors with similar performance.

Features of Team Group T-Force GA360 Siren

Included with the package:

  1. 360 mm radiator and CPU block
  2. 3x 120mm fans
  3. Installation manual
  4. Increasingly for AMD and Intel platforms
  5. PWM and ARGB splitters

  • Large copper CPU base with pre-applied thermal paste

Included fans can be just as important as the AIOs pump and radiator. These fans are slightly different than most, with the outer wall attached to the edges of the fan blades.

  • Standard 27mm thick radiator

Test platform configuration and testing procedure

CPU Intel i7-13700K
Motherboard MSI Z690 A Pro
Computer case be quiet! Silent base 802

I have done the test. Intel's i7-13700K To explain how this cooler works. System The system is tested with full-power workloads, two low-wattage loads, and noise-normalized settings.

Observant readers may notice that noise graphs start at 35 instead of zero. This is because my sound meter cannot measure sound levels below 35 dBA. This makes it “zero” for testing purposes. For those who are concerned that this may distort the results – no worries. If anything, the graphs above will understate the difference in noise level because dBA measurements are logarithmic. For a detailed explanation of how decibel measurements correspond to perceived noise levels, please watch the video below from BeQuiet! Which makes it easier to visualize and understand the real impact of increasing DBA levels.

Intel i7-13700K cooling and sound results

Maximum cooling power

Most coolers reach TJ Max, the CPU's maximum temperature of 100 degrees Celsius, when power limits are removed with Intel's i7-13700K. However, TeamGroup's GA360 Siren manages a feat usually only achieved by the best 360mm AIOs – it can keep the CPU below its peak temperature, 23C ambient temperature (90C). but maintains an average of 67C.

Maximum noise level

Performance is only part of the picture, noise levels are just as important. While the thermal performance of the GA360 siren is very good, its maximum noise level is high at 50 dBA.

If you're particular about noise levels, our next results will show you how it performs when running quietly.

Noise normal performance

For noise normalized testing, I set the fans to a low 38.2 dBA. This is a slightly audible noise level, but won't bother most users. The TeamGroup's performance was excellent, beating all the other coolers shown here with an average of 236W of cooling during testing.

175W results

While maximum performance is important, most of the time you won't be pushing the CPU to its limits. It's good to see how the cooler performs under more normal conditions, and most users won't use more than 175W in normal use.

With the CPU only reaching 51C from ambient, the GA360 Siren ties for the third best thermal results. It achieves this level of performance with a noise level of 43.4 dBA.

125W results

125W is the lowest power level I test, and is similar to what users will use in demanding games with this CPU. While I've tested and shown thermal results, they aren't really a concern as even Intel's stock cooler will keep the CPU cool enough under such workloads. That being said, thermal performance was excellent, topping our thermal results at just 37C at an ambient temperature of 23 degrees Celsius.

Noise levels, thus, matter in low-intensity workloads. At 38.9 dBA, TeamGroup's GA360 siren doesn't sound too loud when connected to MSI's z690 A PRO motherboard's default fan curve. If you're particular about the noise level, you can manually set the fan speed to lower – our noise-normalized results shown earlier show that this cooler is less noisy. Maintains strong performance even on the surface.


Team Group's GA360 Siren One of the best performing AIOs on the market, but ultimately I find it hard to recommend other equally capable, quiet and cheap options on the market such as Deep Cool's LT720.

Strong thermal performance is able to keep Intel's i7-13700K under the TJ Max

  • Strong thermal performance
  • Chart-topping noise routine performance
Cons of
  • Maximum noise level
  • Priced higher than similarly performing competitors

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