TCL Unveils Flagship Q10K Pro Mini-LED TV Line: Up To 98″ With 4K 144Hz Panel, 3800nits Brightness

TCL Unveils Flagship Q10K Pro Mini-LED TV Line: Up To 98″ With 4K 144Hz Panel, 3800nits Brightness

TCL China has decided to go a step further with its Mini-LED TV series, unveiling its flagship Q10K lineup, designed for the high-end segment.

TCL expands the Mini-LED segment in different sizes with its new Q10K TV line, 4K 144Hz

TCL has made great strides in the mini LED markets over the past month and recently revealed Two modern gaming monitors, which has gained widespread interest. Now, the company has made an aggressive entry with its latest consumer TV series, the Q10K, with exciting features and high-end panels to complement the premium nature of the series.

Moving on to the specifications, the TCL Q10K has a competitive mini LED panel with different dimming zones ranging from 1512 to 2592 in screen size. The Q10K lineup includes a 4K 144 Hz HVA panel, guaranteed to have a maximum brightness of 3800 nits. Excellent performance and smooth display experience. The screen also comes with 98% DCI-P3 coverage and a 38 million to 1 contrast ratio.

TCL's differentiator in the mini-LED markets is how the firm manages its panel output, eliminating problems such as backlight bleed and the appearance of halos, which are common in such screens. . The Q10K uses hexagonal light-emitting chips with a condensing effect, which ensures excellent quality output and matches the highest market standards.

To further enhance the quality, TCL's Q10K TV comes with a dedicated Linyao Chip M2, which is paired with TCL's TXR chip to optimize picture quality by calibrating it at the pixel level. . Additionally, the mini LED display has a number of features for users, such as a 2.1.2 channel hi-fi audio system and Dolby Atmos compatibility, taking audio output to a whole new level.

Interestingly, the Q10K comes with a good 4GB of memory, 64GB of storage, and support for Wi-Fi 6, which provides high-speed connectivity. For onboard ports, the TV has four HDMI 2.1 ports, two of them with USB 3.0 ports at 48 Gbps. The screen also comes with a dedicated NAS interface for external network connectivity.

Now to the deciding factor, TCL's Q10K will debut in a variety of screen sizes, and here's how their prices will differ:

  • TCL Q10K Pro 65 inch : 7999 Yuan / $1,100
  • TCL Q10K Pro 75 inch: 10,999 Yuan / $1,520
  • TCL Q10K Pro 85 inch : 14,999 Yuan / $2,070
  • TCL Q10K Pro 98-inch: 23,999 yuan / $3,313

Pricing is definitely in the high range, but that's what you can expect from this type of monitor. Global availability and pricing have not yet been revealed.

News Source: IT Home

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