TCL Showcases World's First 4K 1000 Hz Panel For Next-Gen Gaming Monitors, Breaking The RR Barrier

TCL Showcases World's First 4K 1000 Hz Panel For Next-Gen Gaming Monitors, Breaking The RR Barrier

TCL has set a new benchmark with its latest 4K panel, breaking the refresh rate barrier and topping out at 1000 Hz.

TCL's latest display innovation aims to take hardcore gaming to a whole new level, ensuring absolute clarity with 1000 Hz.

The news comes from Blur Busters, who attended the Display Week 2024 conference in California. Apart from all the innovative tech on offer, one thing that caught their attention was the display showcased by the TCL CSOT. The company decided to break the refresh rate limit with its latest 4K 1000 Hz panel. Details on the display are sketchy as we haven't seen any official press release or statement announcing the technology. Still, TCL revealed it at Display Week, which was exciting to witness.

According to the details shared by the event holders, the technologies introduced by TCL are:

At SID Display Week 2024, TCL CSOT under the theme “For a better life, for a better future” this year, is presenting around 40 innovative display technologies aimed at promoting sustainability, health and connectivity.

The TCL CSOT booth is organized into ten technology areas, including HVA, HFS, MLED, MLCD, FMM OLED, and IJP OLED, each highlighting its latest developments. Attendees can explore products such as the 85″ UD w-HVA Pro, the world’s first 7.85″ tandem trifold screen, and a 14″ 2.8K inkjet printing hybrid OLED display. Other highlights include the world's highest CR 4000:1 HFS MNT, the world's highest resolution 16″ 8K laptop display, and the Ln-Oxide 14″ MUX 1:3 display. TCL CSOT will also feature a 7.85″ under-screen face-to-face display, the world’s first 57″ 6.9mm thickness MLED MNT, and the world’s first 4K highest refresh rate 1000Hz MNT.

One of the standout innovations is TCL CSOT's 14″ 2.8K inkjet printing hybrid OLED display. The display, which represents the first application of IJP OLED technology in the notebook segment, won an AWE Award at AWE2024. The IJP OLED display offers a wide color gamut, low power consumption, and improved reliability, marking an important milestone in display technology.

Expanding on the 1000 Hz ideology, it's theoretically possible to achieve refresh rates in displays, as NVIDIA's Ultra Low Motion Blur 2 (ULMB 2) technology can deliver effective motion clarity of over 1,000, according to the company. So at the software level, this is not a problem. However, when it comes to things from the hardware side, we haven't seen any 1000Hz displays on the market so far, and it's none other than TCL that's introducing the standard, with There is a 4K resolution display. However, details regarding the display are still scarce, so we'll have to wait and see what TCL has in store for its users.

Regardless, it will be interesting to see if modern GPUs can achieve 4K 1000 Hz quality, especially in modern AAA titles. If you drop the resolutions down to 1080p with the latest GPUs, achieving a consistent 1000Hz display may be possible, but considering the common option, it's still a long way off. But for eSports gamers, you can get more than 1000 FPS, especially in titles like Counter Strike 2 which delivers over 1300 FPS. With latest high-end hardware.

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