Tamagotchi is bringing back a Y2K classic

Tamagotchi is bringing back a Y2K classic

Less than a year after its introduction Wi-Fi enabled Tamagotchi For the 21st century, the company behind the nostalgic Y2K toy is bringing back a new fan favorite: the Tamagotchi Connection.

Originally released in 2004, Tamagotchi Connection was the first Tamagotchi device that allowed players to raise a virtual pet and befriend, play with, exchange gifts with, and mate with other Tamagotchis. The device was so beloved, some called it the company's. Best release ever.

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Eagle-eyed fans may have picked up on the relaunch route in April when a New Antenna “Accessories” Tamagotchis were announced as part of an April Fool's Day prank on Instagram. Tama devotees took the hint (the original Tamagotchi Connection version was decorated with an antenna), and comments on the post begged the company to bring the device back.

Amazon pre-orders for the new Tamagotchi Connection start today. It's available in four colors, and the “True Friends” set is available in an even more exclusive style. The device will be available in stores in July.

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