Swiss startup mimic raised $2.5M Pre-Seed funding

Swiss startup mimic raised $2.5M Pre-Seed funding

Swiss startup cheat Receives $2.5 million in pre-seed funding to challenge US dominance in robotics Born at ETH Zurich, Mike was founded in 2024 by researchers Alves Nava, Stefan Weirich, Stefan Daniel Grievert, and Benedik Forre. Drawing from Professor Robert Katzchman's work in his soft robotics labs, the team recognized the potential for mass production. AI models to revolutionize industries beyond language and image creation.

Mimic's mission is to eliminate labor shortages with laborious, human-like robotic hands, and seamlessly integrate them into existing manual labor workflows. Co-founder Stephan-Daniel Gravert focuses on a universal robotic hand compatible with off-the-shelf industrial robotic arms, targeting stationary use cases.

Unlike traditional robotic solutions designed for specific tasks, Mimic's approach enables robots to mimic human behavior by observing demonstrations. Co-founder Elvis Nava, by contrast, emphasizes the design philosophy of fitting robots into human environments.

Powered by a foundational AI model, replicating robots can perform tasks with minimal demonstrations, reducing the need for complex programming. Early adopters from a variety of sectors, including supermarkets, gastronomy and manufacturing, have shown interest in innovative replication solutions.

Stephen Weirich, another co-founder, points to the gap in automation for tedious, low- to medium-volume tasks and the increasing difficulty for companies to find suitable staff. With AI-powered robotic manipulators, the simulation aims to address these challenges with unprecedented flexibility and ease of use.

Founderful led the funding round, which included other.vc, Tiny.vc, and exclusive angel investors. Alex Stöckl, founding partner of Founderfill, expressed confidence in the technology and vision of the replica, expecting rapid growth in the AI-powered robotics market.

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