SK Hynix Reveals Plans For Cutting-Edge HBM4E Memory, Development Expected By 2026

SK Hynix Reveals Plans For Cutting-Edge HBM4E Memory, Development Expected By 2026

gave Development of large-scale HBM industry Korean giant SK Hynix has started a “fire” of innovation by revealing plans for HBM4E memory.

SK Hynix aims to set new standards with the HBM4E by integrating semiconductors and memory into one package.

Currently, the AI ​​industry sees HBM as a critical component for advancements in performance capabilities due to its immense importance in modern-day AI accelerators. Recently, we've seen the widespread adoption of the HBM3E standard in new AI GPUs such as the Blackwell B100 and Instinct MI300X, which has given a huge performance boost. However, SK hynix has revealed that this is just the beginning, as the Korean memory manufacturer plans to introduce mass adoption of HBM4E over the next two years.

recently AnnouncementSK Hynix's head of HBM advanced technology Kim Gwi-wook revealed that HBM development has reached new levels. While previously, generation changes took effect after a two-year gap, industry demand prompted the number to be reduced to one year, indicating that SK Hynix indeed planned to launch its HBM4E by 2026. Is.

This is the first time we have a mention of HBM4E, which not only confirms the existence of the standard, but SK hynix has also revealed finer details about the process. The feature bandwidth of HBM4E is said to be 1.4 times higher than the previous generation, in this case, HBM4. This will be very power intensive, which gives us just a glimpse of what to expect from the next generation of AI accelerators.

Developments surrounding HBM4 came to light a while back when the Korean giant revealed that it would be using the MR-MUF development technique. The purpose of this technique is to Integrate logic and memory semiconductors into one package.and the firm already does. Formed an alliance with TSMC. To reach this goal. Industry reports say the HBM4 will be the segment's “iPhone moment,” setting new standards for later standards to follow.

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