SK hynix Reports That Its 2025 HBM Volume Is Almost Sold Out, 12-Hi HBM3E Production Next Quarter, 16-Hi HBM4 In 2028

SK hynix Reports That Its 2025 HBM Volume Is Almost Sold Out, 12-Hi HBM3E Production Next Quarter, 16-Hi HBM4 In 2028

SK hynix has highlighted that not only its 2024 but almost all of its 2025 HBM volume has been sold as demand for AI has skyrocketed.

SK hynix has almost all of its 2025 HBM volume sold, with the 12-Hi HBM3E being sampled and ready for production in Q3 2024.

During its recent press conference, SK hynix announced plans to invest in a new M15X fab in Cheongju and Yongin Semiconductor Cluster in Korea, along with advanced packaging facilities in the US (Indiana).

The chairman of SK Group met with NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang at the Santa Clara headquarters.

SK hynix revealed that rising demand for AI has consumed all of its 2024 HBM capacity and that even its 2025 volume is almost completely sold, indicating that current and next-generation How big is the need for high-speed HBM memory for data centers? NVIDIA is leveraging its HBM3 and HBM3e memory solutions as one of SK hynix's key partners. Hopper H200 And Blackwell AI GPU lineup. The company expects to start sampling 12-Hi HBM3E DRAM soon. Production to start next quarter (Q3 2024).

  • The company now foresees rapid expansion of AI technology from data centers to a wide range of on-device applications such as smartphones, PCs and automobiles.
  • Demand for ultra-fast, high-capacity, and low-power memory products for AI applications is expected to grow explosively.
  • The company has industry-leading technologies for various products including HBM, TSV-based high-capacity DRAM, and high-performance eSSD.
  • SK hynix is ​​committed to providing customers with the industry's best customized memory solutions through strategic collaboration with global business partners.
  • On the production side, HBM output from 2024 is already sold out, while volume from 2025 is almost sold out.
  • On the HBM technology side, the company plans to deliver samples of 12-high HBM3E with industry-leading performance in May, allowing mass production to begin in 3Q.
  • The company's objective is to improve quality through better cost competitiveness, increased sales of value-added products, and higher profitability.
  • The plan is to maintain financial stability by increasing cash holding levels through flexible investment response to changing demand conditions.
  • The company is committed to contributing to the domestic economy, helping to advance Korea's position as an AI memory powerhouse by developing as a trusted consumer, a stable company that can adapt to business conditions in the AI ​​era. Not affected.

In addition to HBM3E, SK hynix is ​​also mass-producing DRAM modules with capacities greater than 256 GB and has already commercialized the world's fastest LPDDR5T solution for mobile devices. Looking ahead, SK hynix plans to introduce several next-generation memory solutions such as HBM4, HBM4E, LPDDR6300 TB SSDs, CXL-Pooled Memory Solutions, and PIM (Processing-In-Memory) modules.

  • In the DRAM space, the company mass-produces HBM3E and modules with extremely high capacities exceeding 256GB, while it has commercialized the world's fastest LPDDR5T.
  • Also a top supplier of AI memory in the NAND space as the sole supplier of over 60TB QLC-based SSDs
  • Development of next-generation products with improved performance continues.
  • The company is planning to introduce innovative memory such as HBM4, HBM4E, LPDDR6, 300TB SSD, CXL pooled memory solution, and processing-in-memory.
  • SK hynix's proprietary MR-MUF is a core technology for HBM packaging
  • Perceptions that MR-MUF will face technical challenges in high stacking are incorrect as seen in SK hynix's successful mass production of 12-high HBM3. Advanced MR-MUF technology
  • MR-MUF reduces the stress from chip stacking by up to 6%, increases productivity by 4x by reducing process time, while improving heat dissipation by 45% VS previous technology.
  • The recently introduced Advanced MR-MUF by SK hynix improves heat dissipation by 10% by adopting a new protective material, while maintaining the existing advantages of the MR-MUF.
  • The advanced MR-MUF, which adopts a high-temperature, low-pressure method known for excellent warpage control, is an excellent solution for high-stacking and technology development 16-high stacking continues. .
  • The company plans to adopt advanced MR-MUF to achieve 16-high HBM4, while already evaluating hybrid bonding technology.
  • Separately, the company last month announced plans to build a state-of-the-art packaging facility for AI Memory in West Lafayette, Indiana.
  • Mass production of next-generation HBM-like AI products from the Indiana fab will begin in 2H 2028.

For HBM, SK hynix will leverage its MR-MUF technology for DRAM packaging. An advanced version of the tech will be used to mass-produce 12-Hi HBM3 memory modules, offering a 4x increase in productivity and a 45% increase in heat dissipation compared to previous technologies.

The same packaging technology will pave the way for 16-Hi HBM memory, and the company is also currently evaluating the use of Hybrid Bonding technology for its 16-Hi HBM4 modules. Mass production for the next generation of HBM memory is expected to begin at the Indiana fab by 2H 2028. Standard HBM4 modules are expected to begin mass production by 2026. For the next chapter in AI.

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