SK Hynix Records Explosive Financial Growth, Unveils 32 Gb DDR5 DRAM For Up To 64 GB Capacities

SK Hynix Records Explosive Financial Growth, Unveils 32 Gb DDR5 DRAM For Up To 64 GB Capacities

SK Hanks announced its Q1 2024 financial results.Many segments show explosive growth, credit to the AI ​​boom and NVIDIA.

SK Hynix started to take advantage of the AI ​​hype, thanks to its close relationship with NVIDIA and strong HBM supply.

The Korean giant saw strong growth within this quarter, and it seems that it has finally found its grip on the markets. SK Hynix recorded a total revenue of 12.43 trillion won, of which 2.89 trillion was calculated as operating profit, equivalent to about $2.1 billion.

The firm managed to generate 23% profit from its total revenue, which is seen as the second highest, after the firm's performance in Q1 2018. dominance

Image Source: SK Hyneks

Additionally, SK Hynix notes that they experienced a whopping 734% jump in quarterly operating profit revenue, which just confirms how big the AI ​​hype is for them. The company notes that the AI ​​segment is going to boost its financial performance in the coming months, and the DRAM industry is now on the road to recovery, with the firm also looking to regain lost profits. SK Hynix is ​​also optimistic about its HBM3E supply, claiming it has received widespread interest from industry clients. Key highlights include:

  • In March, mass production/supply of 1bnm HBM3E commenced
  • Expand customer base using increased productivity.
  • Signed MOU with TSMC to collaborate on HBM4 development and next-generation packaging technology
  • Strong sales of 128GB+ modules contributed to DDR5 sales.
  • A 1bnm 32Gb DDR5 product will be launched to support demand for high-density SV DRAM.
  • Plans to launch PCIeGen5 cSSD within '24 for adoption in AI PCs
Image Source: SK Hyneks

Speaking a bit about future processes, SK Hynix also announced that their 1bnm 32 Gb DDR5 memory is on track, set to debut later this year, which means a DIMM of 64 GB. can gain capacity, which the enterprise grade is enjoying widely. 128 GB capacity through new developments. As AI enters the PC era, memory will play a significant role in processing power, and the Korean company wants to capitalize on that, joining the likes of Samsung with its 5th generation 10nm technology.

With industry-leading technology in the AI ​​memory space led by HBM, we have entered a clear phase of recovery. We will continue to work to improve our financial results by delivering the industry's best-performing products on time and maintaining a profitability-first commitment.

– Chief Financial Officer Kim Woo-hoon

Once again, AI has managed to save another company from falling financial performance, and SK Hynix looks poised for a dominant future, especially with its close ties to leaders like TSMC and NVIDIA. With.

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