Screen Skinz raises $1.5 million seed to create custom screen protectors

Screen Skinz raises $1.5 million seed to create custom screen protectors

Screen Skinsa startup founded on the idea of ​​personalized smartphone screen protectors, has successfully closed a $1.5 million seed round led by South Loop Ventures and Abu Ventures.

The concept began with Clay Canning's vision during high school, where he envisioned screen protectors that featured personalized logos directly on the screen. Together with Rashaun Brown, who brought expertise in sports and licensing, Screen Skinz was born.

Among the company's innovative products are customizable, patent-pending phone screen protectors that display personalized logos or slogans when the screen is inactive, disappearing when the phone is in use. Users have the option to create their own designs or choose from Screen Skinz's existing catalog.

With the global screen protector market valued at around $51 billion by 2023, Screen Skinz aims to capitalize on the immense opportunity in phone accessories. Already holding creative licenses with iconic brands like the NFL, NBA, Marvel, and WWE, the company has positioned itself at the forefront of personalized screen protection.

A recent funding round has enabled Screen Skinz to move manufacturing operations from Asia to the US, giving it greater control over its supply chain. While the company currently focuses on smartphones, there are plans to expand into tablet screen protectors in the future.

Screen Skins' fundraising journey, which spanned nearly a year, focused on improving its supply chain and preparing inventory for market launch. Co-lead investors Abo Ventures and South Loop Ventures were introduced to Brown through his network from his time at Texas A&M and participation in the DivInc Sports Tech Accelerator in Houston.

Notable investors in the round include Michelle Michone, former SVP of consumer products at NFL and Hasbro, Wheelhouse CEO Brent Montgomery, and former global mobile device products at Apple, Wayne Pfeffer, and Brendan O'Donnell. Directors included.

With plans for future fundraising and partnerships, ScreenSkins is focused on strengthening customer acquisition and licensing relationships, poised to revolutionize the screen protection industry with its innovative approach to personalization.

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