Scammers beware, June Squibb is coming for you in 'Thelma' trailer

Scammers beware, June Squibb is coming for you in 'Thelma' trailer

Jon Squibb apparently did most of his own stunts. Thelma. What did I do today?

Nominated for an Oscar Nebraska The star helms the feature debut of writer/director Josh Margolin, an action comedy that will remind you not to underestimate a person because of their age. The main character named Squibb plays Thelma Post, a 93-year-old who is targeted by a Phone Scammer impersonating his grandson Danny (White Lotus(Fred Hatchinger). Margolin based the film on his grandmother's experience of being shut down by telescammers.

The thing is, Thelma doesn't enjoy being imprisoned. So she hits the road with her friend via L.A. (Legendary's last screen performance The shaft actor Richard Roundtree) to track down the wanderer and reclaim what is rightfully his. Parker Posey plays Thelma's daughter Gail, with Clark Gregg as her son-in-law Alan, both of whom misunderstand Thelma's ability to take care of business.

“Ever wonder what Mission Impossible the film Think it's focused on a 93-year-old grandmother? If so, you're in luck! Thelma Here to answer this interesting question for you. And the answer is: absolutely delightful, Mashable film editor Kristi Pichko writes in her review.

Thelma will hit theaters on June 21.

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