Samsung unveils the Galaxy AirPods Pro

Samsung unveils the Galaxy AirPods Pro

There is no right way to design a pair of wireless earbuds. However, there are many errors. Went through a few of them before settling on Samsung. Galaxy Buds in ear We all know and love most. However, in all its various iterations, the company saw fit to make a clear departure from Apple's instantly recognizable steamed AirPods.

It changed. This week's Unpacked 2024 eventWhere Samsung showcased the Galaxy Buds 3 Pro. AirPods are facing Apple's identity crisis. They're not note-for-note remakes, but there's enough common DNA to turn heads – especially with the white models. This includes tall charging cases, which come with AirPods Pros despite the transparent top.

The silver versions, however, are distinct enough to draw out some significant design differences. The biggest aesthetic change is the addition of LED colored strips on the stems, now called “blades”. Blade lights get a bit of a flare in the new Protburns, including swipe and click interactions.

After all, there's a reason many hardware manufacturers use the same form factor. Perhaps the biggest downside with the standard Galaxy Buds is the lack of surface area for controls. The other notable design difference here is the appropriately sharp 90-degree angle of the Blade, versus the softer curve of the AirPods.

Pros get silicone ear tips. They're absent on the standard model, like Apple's offerings. The truth of it all is that earbud taste is highly subjective. Aside from all the standard personal taste issues, everyone's ears are shaped differently. However, for my money, I'm going with the comfort and secure fit of silicone tips every time.

Here's where Samsung stands on the issue, “Galaxy Buds 3 and Buds 3 Pro offer two purpose-built design options. The Buds 3 Pro are a canal type for those seeking immersive sound.” I am, while Buds 3 is an open type for those who prefer to use the device in various conditions for long periods of time.

Galaxy Buds 3 Pro features adaptive active noise cancellation as well as siren and voice detection via onboard mics. Both versions of the Buds 3 are up for pre-order on Wednesday and begin shipping on July 24. Standard runs are $180 and pros are $250.

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