Samsung To Initiate Pilot Production Of Glass Substrates Semiconductor This Year

Samsung To Initiate Pilot Production Of Glass Substrates Semiconductor This Year

Samsung's electromechanics division is moving into manufacturing semiconductors on glass substrates. As it competes against Intel..

Samsung has entered another competitive area of ​​markets, competing against Intel and others on glass substrates.

The future of semiconductors seems to lie in glass substrates, as firms like Intel and Samsung are racing against each other to start production as soon as possible.

We Reported earlier About how Samsung's electromechanics department has shifted its R&D resources into glass substrates to explore a potential business horizon untapped by other industry leaders. Despite being available as a standard for a few years, packaging on glass substrates has not developed much in the markets, but it seems that this may change in the future.

Korean media, ET News, reports that Samsung plans to build a “pilot” production line for its next-generation packaging technology by the end of this year, with a completion date set for September. Samsung's concept of glass substrates was initially brought to market at CES 2024, where the firm revealed it as a vision of the future. Although these new semiconductors are still in their nascent stages of R&D, the Korean giant has decided that now might be the best time to go into production, potentially outpacing rivals if their ambitions come to fruition. .

Image source: SEDaily

Speaking of glass substrates, let's talk about how they differ. The semiconductor type has numerous advantages, such as higher packaging strength, which ensures greater durability and reliability, and a higher interconnect density because glass is typically thinner than organic materials. , which allows the integration of multiple transistors in a single pack. This is said to overcome the shortcomings associated with traditional methods and open a new wave of innovation for computing chips using glass substrates.

It will be interesting to see how much influence Samsung can achieve with glass substrates since Intel has been a long-time player in this particular segment, perhaps the technology pioneer. However, Samsung plans to produce glass substrates by 2026, which could give it an edge when it comes to time to market.

News Source: ET News

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