Samsung Secures Its First 2nm Customer, A Japanese AI Firm That Decided To “Ditch” TSMC

Samsung Secures Its First 2nm Customer, A Japanese AI Firm That Decided To “Ditch” TSMC

Samsung Foundry has it. announced That they have secured a 2nm order from a Japanese firm, taking away TSMC's leading customer.

Samsung's 2nm process is a testament to their commitment to the semiconductor division.

The Korean giant revealed the development in a press release, which is unusual as 2nm is still a process that hasn't made it into mainstream markets. Samsung's acquisition of a client shows that not only is the company's 2nm node sufficient for market adoption, but that Samsung is trying to close the gap with Taiwanese semiconductor giant TSMC. With 2nm, the competition seems to be less.

The order is significant because it validates Samsung's 2nm GAA process technology and advanced package technology as an ideal solution for next-generation AI accelerators. We are committed to working closely with our customers to ensure that the high performance and low power features of our products are fully realized.

– Taejoong Song, Corporate VP at Samsung Electronics

Samsung's “publicly disclosed” 2nm customer is Preferred Networks, a leading Japanese AI company. The firm is heavily involved in R&D work, focusing on deep learning research and development (R&D). Interestingly, we This rumor was reported a few months ago.when local outlets reported a possible partnership between the preferred networks, but now, the deal looks officially secure.

Preferred Networks is now moving toward vertically integrating the “AI value chain from chips to supercomputers,” giving businesses the means to house their own AI clusters. The Japanese firm has become the first in the region to use such a process, a breakthrough for the nation and for Samsung.

Samsung Advanced Packaging helps customers bring their own architecture.  Samsung Semiconductor USA

In addition to 2nm, Preferred Networks wants to use Samsung's 2.5D packaging technology, Interposer-Cube S, which once again shows that the Korean giant's packaging services are not inferior to other competitors. Earlier it was rumored that Samsung 2.5D packaging provided to NVIDIA. Also for their Hopper generation. While Samsung hasn't faced exposure with its packaging facilities compared to the likes of TSMC, they certainly appear to be on the right track.

In terms of the 2nm process in general, we recently reported that Taiwanese giant TSMC is planning Start test production of the node until next week. Apple and NVIDIA are major customers. Mass production is slated for 2025, which means the node will be integrated into mainstream market products by Q1 2025 or the next quarter.

News Source: Samsung Newsroom

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