Samsung HBM3E 12-Hi Mass Production Commences In Q2 Along With 128 GB DDR5, 64 TB SSD, 9th Gen V-NAND

Samsung HBM3E 12-Hi Mass Production Commences In Q2 Along With 128 GB DDR5, 64 TB SSD, 9th Gen V-NAND

Samsung provided an update on its data center portfolio in its latest earnings, confirming that next-generation HBM3E, DDR5 and V-NAND are coming in Q2.

Samsung has several next-gen data center products coming this year: 12-Hi HBM3E, 128 GB DDR5, 9th Gen V-NAND and more.

The South Korean giant has reported that it is witnessing record growth in the AI ​​domain and will forge ahead with several new product lines in this segment. First, Samsung has begun mass production of its HBM3E “Shinebolt” memory, which will ship in 8-Hi stacks this month, followed by the 12-Hi variant in the second quarter. gave The next-gen memory solution will offer up to 36 GB capacity per stack. For products up to 288 GB on an 8-module chip like AMD's MI300X.

Samsung Electronics began mass production of the HBM3E 8-layer in April to respond to demand for generative AI, and plans to mass-produce the 12-layer product within the second quarter.

In addition, we plan to strengthen our leadership in the server market through mass production and customer shipments of 1b nano 32Gb (gigabit) DDR5-based 128GB (gigabit) products in the second quarter.

NAND plans to respond in time to expand its technological leadership by developing an ultra-high-capacity 64TB SSD and delivering samples in the second quarter, and starting mass production of V9 for the first time in the industry.

Samsung (machine translated)

AMD has. Allegedly Signed an agreement with Samsung Foundry to supply HBM3E DRAM for use in current and next-generation products such as updates. MI350/MI370 GPUs Which is said to increase memory abilities.

On the DDR5 DRAM side of things, Samsung will be readying its 1b(nm) 32 Gb memory modules for mass production in the second quarter of 2024. These memory ICs will be used to manufacture modules up to 128 GB.. Samsung has already shipped the first samples of its next-generation DDR5 solution to customers.

Finally, Samsung is updating on the SSD V-NAND front which will see the introduction of 64 TB data center SSDs. These SSDs will be sampled for customers in the second quarter of 2024 and the firm also expects mass production of its 9th Gen V-NAND to begin in the third quarter. 9th Gen V-NAND SSDs will be based on QLC (Quad Level Cell) design. Reports say. TLC V-NAND (9th Gen) will start production this month. And will feature a 33% faster transfer speed at 3200 MT/s. These SSDs will take advantage of the latest PCIe Gen5 standard.

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