Samsung Has Reportedly Failed To Pass HBM3E Memory Qualification Tests Set By NVIDIA

Samsung Has Reportedly Failed To Pass HBM3E Memory Qualification Tests Set By NVIDIA

Industry reports now suggest that Samsung has failed to pass certain HBM3E memory verification steps set by NVIDIA, potentially creating a roadblock for the Korean giant.

Samsung's HBM3E memory validation hits a roadblock because it doesn't meet the standards set by SK Hynix and NVIDIA.

Korean News Outlet Alpha Buzz The report states that Samsung has failed to pass qualification tests for its HBM3E 8-layer memory. This will create a worrisome situation for Samsung's memory division, which has seen an economic recovery in the past few quarters.

In previous coverage, we revealed how Samsung captures NVIDIA's interest Following the likes of AMD in its HBM production lines, which has already incorporated the Korean giant's HBM3E 8-layer into its Instinct AI accelerator.

AlphaBiz's report revealed that while some sources cite Samsung's HBM3E memory as being classified as “bad”, other sources believe that the failure in verification tests is simply because That bar has been set high by SK hynix since the firm adopted different manufacturing techniques. , which is quite different from Samsung. However, rumors also say that TSMC is reluctant to include Samsung as an HBM partner, since the Taiwanese giant is a key ally of NVIDIA in the industry, so the situation has taken a new turn. Is.

However, Samsung did He reiterated his commitment. Working with NVIDIA and other partners to deliver the best product possible, and with the likes of AMD, suggests that reports of HBM supply disruptions are not true. If we look at the industry dynamics, Samsung's rapidly growing influence on the markets is only seen as a threat to TSMC and SK hynix as the Korean company through its set of divisions offers the latest memory and Can supply semiconductors, such as Samsung Foundry.

To support our above statement, it was recently revealed that TSMC and SK hynix allegedly Formed an alliance Called “A Team”, the goal is to indirectly support and thwart Samsung's influence on markets. Regardless of the news surrounding the industry, it is interesting to see that the HBM markets are growing rapidly, which has ultimately led to fierce competition among contenders for the top spot.

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