Samsung criticized for 'cloning' Apple products after Galaxy Unpacked event

Samsung criticized for 'cloning' Apple products after Galaxy Unpacked event

It's said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery — but a number of tech outlets, YouTubers, and even some Samsung fans think the consumer electronics giant took imitation a little too far this time. Have taken.

On Wednesday, Samsung announced its big… Galaxy Unpacked event where it unveiled a number of new products including smartphones, smartwatches and earbuds. Samsung even announced a whole new line with it. Samsung Galaxy Ring A health-focused wearable.

However, those who watched the event via live stream couldn't help but notice some of the marquee new products looked a little too Apple-like.

Samsung criticized for 'copying' Apple.

Social media users had other criticisms of the products revealed at this year's Unpacked, for example, lamenting the lack of substantial updates to the new Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6.

However, a common thread in various reviews, whether from consumers, reviewers, or journalists, is that Samsung is trying to “clone” Apple's products.

“Today was a big L for Samsung,” said YouTuber Quinn Nelson of Snazzy Labs, a tech review channel with over 1 million subscribers. “See Ultra is the most shameless copy of an Apple product in ages – and it's hideous.”

“Wait, it gets more shameless,” the YouTube creator continued via his X account @SnazzyLabs. “Buds3 and Buds3 Pro are clones of AirPods.”

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Nielsen is referring to Samsung's new Galaxy Watch Ultra smartwatch and its new line of earbuds, the Galaxy Buds 3 series. Samsung seems to have released these two products to compete with Apple's Apple Watch Ultra and the company's line of AirPods. But, for many, the similarities between the two went beyond competition and into “copycat” territory.

“Copy and Paste,” Posted Apple Hub account on X, with nearly one million followers, alongside Apple's product versions of Samsung's new smartwatch and AirPods.

Looking at Samsung and Apple's smartwatches and earbuds side by side, it's hard to deny how much Samsung has borrowed from Apple. Along with lifting its product naming scheme from Apple, Samsung's new Galaxy Watch Ultra also has an almost identical watch band.

And it's not just social media users and content creators who share their distaste. News outlets like The Verge and Business Insider also couldn't help but call out Samsung for its Apple clone.

“Samsung's new 'Ultra' watch and earbuds are shameless copycats of Apple,” reads one headline. Business Insider.

of The Verge topic“Samsung's new Galaxy Buds are clear AirPods clones in both form and function,” focused on Samsung's new Galaxy Buds 3 and its “subtle in-ear design” in favor of more “Airpods-esque” stems. Criticized Singh.

Samsung unveiled more than a few Apple clones at Galaxy Unpacked. The company's foldable smartphone is in its own product category, which Apple still doesn't have an answer to. But, unfortunately, Samsung's new smartwatch and earbuds look so obvious that many people seem to be focusing on that from the event.

“It's disappointing that Samsung just released a bunch of Apple clones.” wrote Apple Insider's Andrew O'Hara on X. “It's boring and a huge failure compared to Samsung.”

It's hard to argue with that assessment.

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