Samsung Announces World’s First 10.7 Gbps LPDDR5X Memory With 32GB Capacity

Samsung Announces World’s First 10.7 Gbps LPDDR5X Memory With 32GB Capacity

Samsung has unveiled LPDDR5X memory boasting 10.7 Gbps bandwidth, set for mass production in the latter half of this year. Designed for PCs, accelerators, servers and automobiles, this new memory delivers 25% faster, 30% more capacity, and 25% more power efficiency than its predecessor.

The use of 12nm process technology in the new memory has enabled Samsung to create the smallest LPDDR module among existing solutions. These developments address the growing need for low-power, high-performance memory chips. Although primarily targeted at the mobile market, Samsung's EVP suggests it will also have applications in servers, automobiles and accelerators, without specifying a specific device.

The new memory will be released with a speed of 10.7 Gbps and will offer a maximum capacity of 32 GB per module. Devices demanding a lot of RAM, such as those used for generative AI, will find this capability beneficial, facilitating the storage of AI models. This will be especially important for systems that use APU/NPUs for generative AI and lack a discrete GPU, as larger memory capacities can accommodate more advanced models.

Samsung 10.7Gbps LPDDR5X dl5

Samsung also claims a 25 percent increase in power efficiency over the previous generation, without specifying whether this is due to LPDDR5 or LPDDR4. The company confirms that mass production of the LPDDR5X-10700 memory will begin in the latter half of this year, coinciding with the expected launch of next-generation SoCs from AMD and Intel.

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