Samsung 9th Gen V-NAND With 290 Layers Launches Next Month, 10th Gen 430-Layer NAND In 2025

Samsung 9th Gen V-NAND With 290 Layers Launches Next Month, 10th Gen 430-Layer NAND In 2025

Samsung plans to take the NAND flash industry to a new level, as the firm has unveiled its 9th and 10th Gen V-NAND solutions with up to 430 layers.

Samsung is making NAND flash memory with 430 layers as part of its 10th-gen V-NAND tech, debuting next year.

Thanks to weak consumer demand and high inventory levels, the NAND flash markets are recovering quickly from their dire economic conditions for the past consecutive quarters. However, now that we're past that, it seems that innovation has taken off, and it's none other than Samsung that has unveiled a relatively high-end NAND variant called 9th Gen V-NAND flash. Is. This type has 290 layers stacked on top of each other, setting a new standard for the markets.

Korean media outlets The report states that Samsung plans to release its 9th Gen NAND standard by next month, possibly succeeding the previous generation, which includes 236 stacking layers. The industry seems likely to have been dragged into a “layer stacking” race, and so far, Samsung appears far ahead of rivals like SK Hynix and Kioxia. Interestingly, the Korean giant also announced a NAND product with a staggering 430 layer stacking (10th Gen V-NAND) which is expected to launch next year.

Another interesting aspect of Samsung's latest 9th Gen NAND process is the “double stacking” technique, which focuses on squeezing more layers through multiple channel holes. This technique uses electricity to connect individual cells. The drilling technique not only ensures high interconnect efficiency, but the process is much cheaper than conventional stacking methods.

The use of NAND products has grown exponentially in the last few months, mainly due to the use of products involved in AI estimation as they require tons of high-speed storage. Ultimately, this drives huge demand in the future, which will catalyze growth in this segment for NAND flash producers like Samsung.

News Source: Hankyong

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