Samsung 1080 PRO NVMe SSDs Surface Online But Beware, They Are Fake & Run Like Crap

Samsung 1080 PRO NVMe SSDs Surface Online But Beware, They Are Fake & Run Like Crap

A bunch of fake Samsung 1080 PRO SSDs have popped up on Chinese retail outlets with speeds of 15.8 GB/s but they are obviously fake.

Samsung's fake 1080 PRO SSDs are now rampant at Chinese retail outlets and you should avoid them completely despite their attractive price points, performance inferior to external HDDs and USB sticks.

People are fond of repackaging SSDs and then giving them a new model name, only to think that sellers will fall for their foul play. To our surprise, many of them do, especially when it comes to “copies” of mainstream companies like Samsung and SK Hanks. Similarly, Quasarzone Discovered a unique and bogus SSD listing using the Samsung 1080 PRO, a model that has yet to be released if the firm sticks to this naming scheme.

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Out of curiosity, the outlet decided to order a Samsung 1080 Pro SSD, and surprisingly, it was around 40,000 won, about $30, indicating that something was not right. Still, Quasarzone decided to spoil the fun and give it a try. The drive's capacity is rated at 4 TB, with a maximum speed of 15,800 MB/s, which is an impressive figure. Current fastest Gen5 SSDs using the fastest Phison E26 controllers can hit up to 14.6 GB/s.. Upon receiving the package, the SSD was packed in a normal box with no Samsung branding.


The Samsung 1080 PRO SSD came in a plastic box, with a mounted sticker revealing the branding, but the fonts and overall quality were a mess. It resembles Samsung's 980 PRO drive in many ways, especially in appearance, but the PCB layout says otherwise. The SSD includes a single NAND flash, and for the advertised 4 TB capacity, one needed at least multiple stacked NAND chips, but that wasn't the case here.

Diving into the official tests, Quasarzone noted that the Samsung 1080 PRO SSD was the opposite of what was advertised. Windows Disk Management showed that the drive had 4TB capacity.

Still, it didn't even pass the Media Tester benchmark, an application used to detect fake storage devices by storing data at “assumed” capacity. Moving on, when analyzing the drive on CrystalDiskInfo, it was noted that the SSD has a PCIe 3.0 x4 interface, but is inferior to what the 980 PRO debuts with. Bogus SSD threat, but what's to come is even more interesting.


Quasarzone provided a number of benchmark tests to show how terrible the performance of the Samsung 1080 PRO SSD was compared to the Samsung 980 PRO. The difference in overall read and write speeds was up to 12 times and 59 times, respectively. It's been tested with Crystal DiskMark, ATTO Disk Benchmark, and many other applications to prove that despite the seemingly attractive price tag and features, choosing the bogus SSD route is worth it. do not have.

Well, the “fake” Samsung 1080 PRO SSD turned out to be even scarier than an external drive, and it's no wonder scams like this are running around the world. To avoid purchasing fraudulent products, we advise consumers to choose verified retailers before purchasing their PC components.

News Source: Tom's Hardware

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