Refreshworks.ai raised €750,000 to be a leader in AI-driven business transformations

Refreshworks.ai raised €750,000 to be a leader in AI-driven business transformations

Refreshworks.ai has raised €750,000 in funding to strengthen its position as a leader in AI-driven business transformation. Founded by Dutch entrepreneurs Diederik Klever and Ebel Slijp, Refreshworks has been at the forefront of leveraging AI to help Dutch businesses thrive in today's fast-paced and competitive landscape since 2016.

The Hague-based company offers consulting services and develops AI solutions to empower businesses on their transformation journey. They conduct business scans to identify potential AI implementations and their impact, then develop strategies, roadmaps and implementation plans accordingly. Refreshworks also provides training to ensure clients and their employees possess the AI ​​skills necessary for a successful transformation.

With a strong track record of success, including recognition as one of the fastest growing companies in the Netherlands, Refreshworks has partnered with over 250 companies and employs over 2,500 professionals. has been trained. Their technical implementation has resulted in a business impact of over €120 million. Notable shareholders such as TBWA\NEBOKO founder Simon Nefjes, have been fascinated by Refreshworks' outstanding achievements.

A recent funding round of €750,000 included eleven angel investors specializing in technology, compliance, security and consulting. Simon Nefges emphasized the importance of AI for companies trying to stay competitive and praised Refreshworks for its expertise in introducing AI and implementing the tools necessary for success.

RefreshWorks founder and managing partner Abel Siljep expressed confidence in the widespread adoption of AI in the Dutch business community. He highlighted the important role of AI in growth, innovation, and sustaining the Dutch standard of living in the global economy. Refreshworks looks forward to continuing to guide and support companies in their AI transformation to cement the Netherlands' position as a market leader in AI.

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